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Senior night festivities driving KU center Udoka Azubuike to push to play vs. TCU

Is this the "walk in the park" game everyone thought Kstate was going to be? I remember the "what's more likely" poll of 35 point win or 5 point win. Don't forget how Dok completely dominated TCU in a fairly close game earlier this year. Need a win tonite and then we can manage minutes against Tech.

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Benton Smith: Mondays more minor than 'big' for Jayhawks this season

Every other P5 conference has a choice. BIG/PAC 12/SEC/ACC channel/network. Big 12 sold out to the Whorns' LHN.

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Ochai Agbaji follows rare scoreless outing with 'aggressive' offensive approach

He's young, really young as far as number of years he has played basketball. Another year and Abaji will be a stud. As far as lobs designed for him, the play is being run but we're not throwing the lob. Watch the out of bounds play against Okie Lite. #30 streaks down the middle unguarded but we throw the typical inbounds to Dok. I'm sure that is frustrating to Coach.

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No. 3 Kansas wins battle of big men with 69-58 victory over Texas

Udoka barked at Self when coach pulled him from the game a second time because he could match up with #22 from Tech. That's why he didn't start.

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KU junior Marcus Garrett keeps tracking toward first career triple-double

Everyone talks about "if he was a better shooter" scenarios but my guess is he wouldn't be as good a defender, ball handler, rebounder, and passer if he could shoot well. I luv the way Marcus plays.

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Quick recap: No. 3 Kansas rolls to easy win over Kansas State, but Sunflower Showdown ends in brawl

So let Mitch finish career playing half the conference games? If it was your senior season, would you go out like this? Everyone's yelling for a 4 guard offense. Perfect opportunity for it. Silvio probably won't suit up for 3 games minimum, and I could see McCormick sitting a game. Whatever happens, I don't see Silvio playing any minutes the rest of the year. I'm sure two years of frustration came out last night for Silvio and I feel bad this happened.

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Quick recap: No. 6 Kansas earns 66-57 road win over Texas

This is Bill Self/Eddie Sutton basketball. If we could throw the lob pass and make a couple more 3's a game, I think this is exactly what Coach is looking for. Very reminiscent to 2012 team with Taylor and Robinson.

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I'm Batman: Marcus Garrett's big game at Oklahoma draws superhero comparison from Kansas coach Bill Self

I was surprised OU didn't press a little bit last night. OU(Larry Bird jr) missed a lot of open shots last night. Garrett is a "gamer". He probably does all the small things better because of his shooting ability but the kid gets how to play the game. Hope Moss is encouraged by last night and takes a couple more 3's a game.

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Notebook: KU coach Bill Self focused on recruiting impact of games being on ESPN+

For me, it has nothing to do with "penny pushing". I receive the channel with my ESPN magazine subscription. Luv the channel during football season. The football product and our nationally recognized basketball product are two completely different situations. If i want to want to watch Duke, UK, or MSU play, i turn on my TV. If someone wants to watch KU play 10 times this season, they have to subscribe. It's not so much just about the KU diehard. National perception.

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Notebook: KU coach Bill Self focused on recruiting impact of games being on ESPN+

I'd be interested in the number of games Champions' Classic participants shown exclusively on ESPN + as opposed to the Big 10, ACC, and SEC channels. Meanwhile you have a LHN showing a 8-5 football team, last year's NIT champs, and a 27-27 baseball team. PAC 12, even with their disinterest in sports, has their own channel.

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