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Ex-Jayhawk Langford wins Israeli title

In my opinion Charolette and Washington are place where NBA players go to die. I agree that Portland would be a good suitor for T-Rob as Prysbilla and Kurt Thomas are aging, and he would only be in conention for minutes with JJ Hickson, but they have a brand new coach, and no one has stood up and taken leadership role for that team. I also think that maybe Detroit wouldn't be a terrible place to land either. Detroit is missing inside size, as most of their front line is tall and skinny, Monroe, Villenueva and Frye, and a young coach.
In a perfect world T-Rob could end up at a Boston, San Antonio, or OKC. T-Rob will need someone to be the focal part of the offense first, and he can fill in on the boards, and get the feel for the pace of the game. If he could end up as good as a Brandon Bass, David West, or Drew Gooden. He will need to increase his foot work and add another move to his game to get easy buckets before he can be a star in the NBA. I truly wish him the best of luck.

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Tyshawn Taylor tries to shoulder blame

I think some of you have made some positive comments which I believe is so important as a KU fan, however, I fear this is not a scenario we have faced only once this year, and will continue to face. Yes I do believe Tyshawn is a great athlete, but he plays out of control FAR too often. His favorite thing to do is to drive to the middle and get into the air and then make a decision, and this gets him in trouble far more often than not.
Some of you think that Tyshawn played great in the 1st half and he kept the team in the game, and that may be partially true, but the truth of the fact is that in the second half when KU went to their true all american the first 3 times down the floor T Rob scored or KU got an easy bucket b/c of the double team coming to T Rob. The KU offense is set to run through T Rob. There wasn't any reason down the stretch of the game that TT shouldn't have gone to Robinson.
When KU goes through Robinson they went on an 11-0 run to start the 2nd half, then they go away from that and let MU back in the game.
KU has no one to blame but themselves for missing free throws, making poor decisions late, and not taking advantage of Robinson in the post against a weaker defensive team. MU was shooting 3's and KU was not pushing them to drive to the middle to the meat of our defense was another issue.
I think the fact that some of you want to blame a player control foul on a referee, that mirrored a call in the 1st half on TT, so he should've been well aware. People want to make excuses, the fact is that KU put themselves in a position to win, and couldn't close out, PERIOD.
Just be ready on Wed fellas, work hard!!!

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Florida prep Ioannis Papapetrou to announce college choice on Saturday

I'm sorry but I have to disagree, Rick Barnes does a great job with his players, and if you look they may have just as many NBA players as KU. He continually does a great job of recruiting, and last year had two freshmen go pro, and one went higher than any KU player.
Barnes is loaded again, and will continue to re-load, whereas we didn't do that this year, we are going to have to rely on some system players while Texas brought in possibly the best PG in the country. I believe you have to respect a man that can continually win 20+ games a year, and do it w/o issue or probation, and get his kids to the NBA, you can only be impressed by his accomplishments.

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Recruit Trevor Lacey through visiting

I think you listing is very misleading. There is a huge difference between sitting on the bench, in street clothes vs. actually getting playing time.
Duke - Boozer (starter)
- Deng (starter)
- Battier (off bench)
Texas - Durant (Scoring Champ) - really how do you forget him
- Bradley - Celtics
- Pittman - Heat
- Ivey (Thunder)
Kentucky (3)
- Rondo starts
- Bogans - chicago
- Magglore - Thunder

KU players that don't even dress - Cole, Xavier, Hinrick

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Naadir Tharpe’s prep teammate undecided on Kansas

McGary has alot of the team skills necessary to blend in at the center position. He won't have the same athletic ability of a Darrell Arthur, but he has a good shooting touch much like a LaFrenz, very good sight of the floor and space, and very talented passer.
Given he would stay in school for 2-3 years he could be as good as a Nick Collison or Raef, he will have some more polishing, but he has a lot of skills and good characteristics...

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Josh Selby to start first game, Marcus Morris to come off the bench

I think the biggest and possibly best component of Marcus game is his ability to do so many things. He sees the floor very well, especially for someone who is seeing immediate double teams on the post, and see's cutters just as well. He can extend the floor on the offensive end, and has some good footwork on the post. I however don't like the way he played against Cal. I do believe that the game was a battle, but it's basketball, not a UFC cagematch. KU has always been know for classy players and winning the right way, I would like to maintain that stereotype. I actually wouldn't mind the idea of kicking Little off the team. I think so many schools let the players get away with incidents like this and feel they should be punished for their actions if they are truly representatives of Kansas. I think maybe Villinova had it right in kicking Pinkston off their team for the year for a fight he was involved in, I think Jay Wright did the exact right thing. Too many kids come in thinking they are entitled to everything, and can act whatever way best fits that time and place.
I also think this game will get Whitney some more minutes, b/c we will need him once the Big 12 gets started, 2-3 games a week, and god forbid a big goes down, we will need him as well in the Big 12 tournament, 3 possible games in 3 days, means alot of tough minutes, and he will need to be ready.
Also, let's remember that if TT does well coming of the bench vs. Texas Arlington, they are playing UT Arlington, not anyone of high level competition. I say keep sitting TT, and give EJ a chance or Releford.

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Vegas trip learning experience for Kansas basketball

I have yet to be impressed with TT. Someone in an earlier post stated he was acting mature, his emotions show on every play he makes or most likely doesn't make. He continues to barrel into the lane out of control, always leading with a shoulder praying to get bailed out. He makes soft passes, and doesn't play strong defense. Against AZ he stepped out of bounds, good players know where they are at on the floor, and then on the very next possesion on def made a stupid reach foul right at mid court. Then he puts his hands on his head like he can't believe that he got called for that. He probably should've gotten hit for it the 1st time as well. I would very much like someone else to step into his spot, preferrably Selby and Releford.
On a side note about Vegas, UNLV played last night and ex-KU player Q.Thomas played quite well in their tournament champ game, 14pts and 4 boards in 17 min and a big win over Virginia Tech. Way to go Q!!!

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Mizzou, KU left of prep Ben McLemore's choices

Let's be honest, there is a reason why Ben still has Missouri on his list. He is still considering them. At MU, he will definately be able to play at a much faster pace than at KU, and many AAU stars like the ability to play at that fast pace, as they are accustomed to it, and it is similar to the NBA. That is why schools like Memphis, UNC, Kentucky continually get high caliber stars. They don't force them to chance their style of play too much. Nobody wants a low scoring game anymore, except Princeton. At MU he will be the big man on campus, and at KU, he will still be loved, but maybe not as much as at MU. Let's not forget he does have some old St. Louis highschool friends who are at MU. I'm hoping he see the # of players that KU puts in the league, and see what his chances are with KU on his resume.

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Top recruits to gather at Late Night

it will also show bits and pieces of KSU, just for note.

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Top recruits to gather at Late Night

What about Kareem Rush, he may have actually been better than his brother, as well as the incoming Freshman Massey, who was on everyone's like to have list.

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