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Summer practice battles highly prevalent for Kansas basketball

No mention of Mitch or our transfer Moss? your thoughts Matt on their place on this squad?

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NCAA set to send notice of major recruiting violations to schools; official confirms NCAA can't get controversial Townsend wiretap

clearly there was no lifeguard at the gene pool on your special day.

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Moving 3-point line back 1 of 4 rule changes adopted by NCAA for 2019-20 season

If they were going to adopt a new 3 point line...(is it 22' 1 3/4" all the way around?) why waste the time of going to the international distance and just move it to the NBA distance (22' in the corners to 23' 9" at the top of the arc) they're going to at some point anyway.

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He's Back: Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces return to KU

Rick Grimes is gone...but he'll do some TWD movies

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Josh Jackson arrested at music festival, charged with resisting arrest and escape

It's tough to teach maturity and common sense to a kid that is only a few years out of high school and suddenly has more money than many people make in a lifetime. Hopefully he gets his head on straight and focuses on his profession.

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Devon Dotson among 4 Jayhawks to earn NBA combine invitations

The entry process for the "fringe players" also makes it tough for the college coaches who are trying to prepare for the upcoming season(s) without the knowledge of whether or not those player(s) may be returning and taking up a scholarship. It has to be tough to wonder whether you have 2, 3, 4 or 5 scholarships to give, and also for the potential incoming kids to wonder what their role may be if a current player declares, but then returns. I'm wondering out loud if changing the dates for commitments from incoming freshmen--(perhaps set a 14-21 day range that falls after the combine), and or, the dates to withdraw from the draft wouldn't make a clearer path for both coaches and recruits...and early delcarees.

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The 3 biggest benefits of Udoka Azubuike's decision to return to Kansas basketball

While this is certainly great news for the program, I can't see any possible explanation for someone ranking them 3rd just because Dok is back. Last year's team struggled to score and Dedric Lawson was often a one man team. Agbaji, Grimes and Dotson all had flashes and Mitch did what Mitch does...disrupts, scores a bit here and there. Moore was a washout, KJ didn't play enough and DMac came on strong at the end. BUT, until they can put someone out on the perimeter who can score consistently, the chuck it down low to Dok plan won't carry this team into a top 10...never mind a top 3. Regardless of who may return after delcaring, I don't see a valid "go to" scoring threat on the horizon. Dok will foul out multiple times and Poke-a-Dok will always be in play until he learns to shoot at least 60% from the line. Hoping we add a couple of more prospects soon...ones that can draw defenders and open up the rest of the court.

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The latest news and names to watch with KU basketball recruiting

I see that the Hauser brothers are both transferring out of Marquette...Sam averaged 14.9 and 7 boards I proven....perhaps Bill and the boys should take a look. It worked pretty well with at least one half of the last set of brother transfers we got.

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Former KU guard Lagerald Vick says goodbye

I was at the game against Syracuse in Miami...the alley oop he took from Graham had to be one of his best highlights...

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