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Self says KU 'pushing buttons' but still awaiting word on De Sousa, Preston


That is all i'm going to post on these articles about Billy and Silvio until some real news happens. SOON.

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Latest in De Sousa, Preston situations pinpoints Monday afternoon as key time

Seriously. I never, ever want to hear Bill say "soon" again in any situation. Ever.

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KU rebounds from home loss, survives test at TCU

Yeah, tough to do too much when you foul out in 13 minutes. He's got to figure out how to play without fouling so much.

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KU rebounds from home loss, survives test at TCU

First of all, I am happy they got a road win against a ranked team. Good job fellas.

Having said that, I just don't know about this group yet. They are all still making some really awful decisions at times. Newman is completely out of sorts. People blow by him on the reg and it gets others into trouble. He just doesn't look like he's enjoying it or in any sort of flow, on both ends. Having his starting role taken away probably doesn't help, but he hasn't been playing well enough to deserve it IMO.

Azubuike committed a couple fouls tonight he could have definitely avoided. I do think it's a symptom of our defense not being great in other areas though, too. We REALLY need another big man to take some of the heat off of him. Vick has had two atrocious games in a row now. I'm not sure what's wrong with him, but he just has been a non-factor for Texas and TCU. His defense has suffered because of it too. He helps when he doesn't have to, and sometimes doesn't help when he should.

Svi made at least two mind-boggling plays tonight that just made me scoff. I was a half step back three that airballed. I'm glad he was hot early because he played pretty bad the second half. I'm glad Devonte scored 28 points tonight, but he really shouldn't have to. Have got to find some more help or there is no way they're winning the B12 this year.

Now for your game MVPs. Garrett and Lightfoot. Lightfoot had a crazy good game. 6 blocks and 7 rebounds when they really needed them. He still gets destroyed in ball screens and pick and rolls, but he did well tonight. If only Garrett could shoot better, he'd be crazy good. His defense is by far the best on the team. Only had 1 foul and 1 turnover. Just made the right decisions tonight when others weren't.

These guys desperately need to get Billy and Silvio. At least one of them. If they don't get some help I sincerely doubt they can win the league this year.

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Jayhawks bombard Longhorns with 3-pointers to win Big 12 opener

Yeah, I'm not sure if it was literally 20 minutes, but it was a long time. End of 1st half pretty much til the end of the game.

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2017-18 KU free throw issues an eye-popping part of recent trend

It doesn't track exactly like the FT shooting, but yeah we shoot way more three's now than we used to. (numbers bellow are 3PA)

2017-18 933 projected (311 first 12 games - roughly 36 games/year unless we exit early)
:::2016-17 787:::
:::2015-16 728:::
:::2014-15 562:::
:::2013-14 556:::

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Juco-heavy class brings immediate help to defense

That doesn't make what was said wrong though? I guess I may be missing your point.

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4-star CB Corione Harris sticks to his word, signs with Kansas football

Bryson is wrong (as per usual). I'm sure there will be a few wackos that watch from time to time regardless of what they say. People love to complain.

One kid doesn't make a team. Having said that this is a very good step towards building a good defense. Happy for the team and for Harris.

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4-star CB Corione Harris sticks to his word, signs with Kansas football

That's not the point dude. Our whole issue is that David Beaty (your savior) said HIMSELF that recruiting JUCO kids was not the way to build a program. Yet that is what the continues to do even in year four. He has failed to develop the HS kids that he did manage to coax into coming to KU well enough to play in the B12 (or in D1 for that matter).

As I said previously, I have zero issue signing JUCO kids to shore up places where there is little depth. But that's not what is going on here. We currently have 8? JUCO kids and half that of HS kids. That's not shoring up spaces, that's taking what you can get.

Very happy about Harris. I have no problem praising Beaty and team when they deserve it and this is one of those times. Unfortunately there haven't been enough of those times in the past few years.

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