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As allegations mount, KU mum about Adidas ties and extra $1.5M it has received from the company

That doesn't go against what Joe said. Adidas can certainly be a loyal partner with KU and still make KU look bad externally by continuing the relationship. Not sure why that's hard to grasp.

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KU football coach David Beaty fires offensive coordinator Doug Meacham

So Beaty is gonna be calling the plays from here on out, more or less sealing his fate by or before the end of the season. Neat deal.

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Quick recap: Kansas falls to No. 9 West Virginia

Proud of the kids (for the most part), but it's so frustrating to watch how undisciplined they are. Wasting timeouts, horrrrrrrible decision making at QB at times (taking huge sacks when they totally could have been avoided), and the dumb penalties. You have to put SOME of this on the kids, but the vast, vast majority of it is the coaches.

I also couldn't believe how many blown coverages there were today. So many receivers wide open, and i'm talking WIDE open.

Just so disappointing to watch one side of the ball play pretty well for the most part, and the other has a few good plays but for the most part was truly awful. Defense kept them relatively close, but still made some glaring mistakes. The offense on the other hand, hand a handful of good plays, but was inept for 90 percent of the game. Sad.

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Kansas ends road losing streak with win over Central Michigan

Oh, yeah, I guess that means no one ever that isn't in the exact same situation as others can offer advice or criticism. Makes sense.

By the way, how do you know I am not a football coach? Your assumptions make you look really bad, Henry.

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Kansas ends road losing streak with win over Central Michigan

Credit where due. Pooka was on point today.

I still think there were massive, huge mistakes by the coaching staff especially in the first half. However, I hope they enjoy this win and actually learn something and don't make those mistakes again.

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An overview of what's in store as Jeff Long officially moves into AD office at KU

We know who Beaty is. He isn't corrupt or doing things inherently "wrong." He's just not cut out to coach a B12 team to success in 2018. That's the long and short of it. The only way I see something happening before Long sees a few games is if he gets fed up with Beaty's insistence that things are going well, when they clearly are not (which includes practice time observation and the like).

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Road-tested Jayhawks beat K-State in Manhattan

Oh man. I felt so bad for Silvio tonight. That kid worked his butt off to get to KU half a year early and he's just getting rekt out there. Everything has to be moving a million miles an hour for him. I really hope the game comes to him a bit easier as we move into Feb and March. I think he could be really useful come March if he figures a few things out on offense, but right now he just look so lost.

Keep ya chin up, kid. You'll get there and be rockin rims soon enough.

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Road-tested Jayhawks beat K-State in Manhattan

Agree. +1

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Road-tested Jayhawks beat K-State in Manhattan

Been thoroughly impressed with Malik's play of late. Just took him a bit to figure out what Bill wanted. Really happy that he's doing so well recently. Still has a lot of room to improve on the defensive end, but he's been so much better offensively, driving the ball so well (relatively).

On the total opposite hand, we have Legerald Vick. That dude continues to play totally out of control or is totally absent. He did score a few points tonight, but man every time he had the ball I was afraid he was going to fall down and turn it over. He is the one that should be getting double digit rebounds, not Newman. The way he has played the past month has been pretty excruciating to watch. I hope he gets his groove back before March. Will need him badly in the tournaments.

Dok had a quiet game, but I thought he played well. Good to see those two FTs go in.

As bad as Bill's decision making was during the OU game, I thought it was THAT good tonight. Played zone when he needed to. Left Dok on the bench when he needed to. Good job Coach. (btw you were still wrong about the OU game)

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