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Notebook: Elijah Johnson believes shooting will improve; KU will wear alternate unis Monday

“It’s hard to get shots if our guards can’t ever get in the scoring area,” Self said. “They (Sooners) are pressuring, denying. We can’t dribble past anybody. We don’t drive to pass.

I worry about our long term goals if our guard play doesn't improve, specifically PG. Who do we have that can break someone down off the dribble? Defense has been great, but IMO, the reason for the string of low-scoring contests starts at PG. I would have no problem seeing a lot more of Tharpe.

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Battle of the bigs: Big-name big men to meet on Big Monday

1) Scott Drew endured a tongue-lashing from Bob Knight after posting recruiting fliers w a pic of Knight, Drew and Billy Gillespie. Caption read "which of these coaches has not signed a McDonald's All-American in the last x years" (with a giant red X over Knight and Gillespie's photo.) I would pay to hear the exchange that took place between Knight and Drew in a bathroom @ a Big 12 conference meeting. To this day, Knight will comment favorably about some of Baylor's players, but ESPN board ops are instructed to kill his mike when Musberger starts raving about the job Scott Drew has done in Waco.

2) Drew still hasnt gotten over Darrell Arthur orally committing to Baylor, having his dream in a Jayhawk uniform, and changing his committment to Kansas. Remember the crap about some high school algebra grade that was allegedly changed in Arthur's favor after the Hawks won the NC in '08...I suspect Scott Drew.

3) Drew is known to have driven a Cadillac Escalade w over-sized rims to attract basketball players to Baylor.

4) Drew is notorious for hiring a top recruit's AAU coach to persuade the player to come to Baylor. See John Wall as exhibit A. Wall's AAU coach was an assistant on the Baylor staff the year Wall was at Kentucky. Baylor is a private school that does not have to disclose financial info such as coaches' salaries, etc. Watch during a timeout, Baylor has 10-12 assistant coaches, pretty much one per player that address them during timeouts because....a) Drew couldn't coach little league YMCA, and b) there's a better-than-zero chance the assistant is a former AAU coach of a BU player.

5) Pulling Baylor off the floor during KU's intro video last time Baylor played in Allen. Drew is a phony, snake-in-the-grass known for negative recruiting tactics that draw the ire of seemingly every coach in the conference.

6) Drew had Baylor's practice floor painted to be an exact replica of the Louisiana Superdome's floor...because apparently, Baylor is a lock to make this year's Final Four.

There is nobody I would love to hand his first loss more than Scott Drew.

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UK wins, but John Calipari not impressed

And how does Cal get his OADs cleared by the NCAA given his reputation and propensity for missteps? Is the NCAA punishing Kansas for the ticket scandal or is it really an objective, case-by-case assessment?

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UK wins, but John Calipari not impressed

I have a love-hate relationship w Bill Self's high-low, Gene Iba, Okie-baller approach. Calipari runs a dribble-drive, playground offense that gives players the opportunity to showcase their individual skills. They go to Kentucky, or Memphis, or wherever the hell else Calipari ends up next after he gets in trouble for recruiting violations and being an all-around slimeball because the NBA makes 'em go to college for a year. These thugs don't care about Kentucky and their legacy, they're there because they have to be and Calipari takes the leash off of his pups. You cannot sustain a TEAM like that, but you better keep getting the top recruits.

Self, on the other hand, is a stubborn disciplinarian who tells recruits you're gonna run the high-low offense, go through boot camp, rebound and play defense or I'll sit your butt on the bench. Most of the OADs say "no thank you". I hate the NBA's rule! W social media and shoe companies and handlers and everybody else that wants to take advantage of young kids and profit off of their athletic talent, let 'em go to the NBA. These kids don't wanna go to school and graduate, they wanna cash in. College athletics is "amateur" in name only. It's big business, period! Let the playground jackwagons go straight to the NBA and give me the kid(s) that wanna be part of a TEAM and a school for four years. How Calipari has never beaten Self until last night under the current college atmosphere is baffling and a credit to Self's coaching acumen.

If I see one more high school hard-ass, a la Terrence Jones, call a presser attended and covered by National Media, whereby said high school "amateur" places 5 or 6 hats on a table, pretends to pick one (Kansas) and instead picks Washington, and then takes a cell phone call from John Calipari while the cameras are still rolling and later changes his commitment to Kentucky, I'm gonna vomit and kick somebody's cat.

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Texas Tech suspends Leach; university will investigate coach's treatment of player

TribeHawk and BCRaven...

The College Football writer for the Dallas Morning News was interviewed yesterday on The Ticket (KTCK 1310 AM, Dallas) by Norm Hitzges and reported that in light of what was being "alleged" against Leach and the University's decision to immediately suspend him, he found it interesting that if Leach was the Texas Tech coach on December 31, he would be owed an 800K bonus. If Leach is never reinstated, Texas Tech would probably claim they don't owe him the bonus...even though a settlement would ensue.

I can't confirm or deny what BCRaven says about TX Tech, but this bonus seems to coincide w that theory. Universities are businesses after all, and Big 12 football is big business.

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