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KU men's basketball prepares for life after tournament

AMEN ! It is back to reality folks. Love our team, will love next years and ROCK of luck to those who choose to go pro or not return. 201 days until basketball AND I am very excited about our upcoming football team.

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Nowhere to hide: KU women suffer historic loss to Wildcats

Think Bonnie has had long enough to put this program back on track and AGAIN today was so painful to even watch ..Answers ??? Hope they come soon as this trend is getting old.

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Keegan: Jackson having a blast

What a total inspiration Darnell is and has been to our youth. He has been through some really tough times but his work ethics are unbelievable and watching him give 100% in each game is so darned fun/exciting to watch. Have liked him from day one and knew by his Senior year this is what we would see.
Go Darnell and Go Hawks.

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KU's Self to Sonics simply scuttlebutt

Some of you that post are really NOT true KU basketball fans. Self still has a very talented team coming back from last year and that along with the recruits~we'll be just fine. Every college team that has talented players are losing them early for NBA, rules need to change that they HAVE to stay 3 yrs.

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Giles cited for battery

What a huge disappointment ! I was hoping with a second chance that Giles would get his @(#$*together but obviously he is more interested in all the women then getting a good education and improving his bb career. Self needs to send him down the road, KU does NOT need the type of BAD publicity that Giles is giving . Go Jayhawks ! Too bad for you Giles, you blew it big time.

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