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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

KU has a tremendous fan base...they spend their leisure time and a lot of money following the team. They enable and pay for Bill Self's huge salary...without the fan base and year around interest from fans,media, etc...this program would stink. You can't put a monetary value on the fan base at KU except to say,,,it is worth it's weight in gold.

The bars were full of fans last night and every night KU plays. The fans EXPECT to win,..not hope to win...EXPECT to win. Everyone knows when a team gets beat by a better team, like last year...Kentucky was CLEARLY the better team in last years loss in the finals. The loss last night was was on SELF. KU got beat by an equal or lesser team in value and talent.

Self needs to apologize to the fan base...he needs to show some humility and appreciation to the fan base and apologize. He needs a point guard, he needs to explain why he made a goat out of Johnson and put him in a position he couldn't play...all season long. Self needs to man up and shoulder the blame...instead of a young man like Johnson...Man up Self!!

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FINAL: Michigan rallies from 14-point second-half deficit in 87-85 overtime win over KU

How does a so called great program like KU...NOT have a true point guard? A point guard that does not turnover the ball...creates assists...distributes the ball...knows the court...does not drive into triple coverage...does not dribble the ball off his knee, thigh, elbow, foot...makes free throws in late game situations because you WANT the ball in his hands.

This one's on SELF

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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

This one's on SELF!!

Johnson is Johnson...he was Johnson all season long...everyone knew he was Johnson except SELF.

Embarrassing loss with a loser like Johnson on the court. Five turnovers...four late in the assists...flagrant foul...

This one's on SELF!!

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LB Jake Love responds

Good to see a small town kid play. That missed tackle by Love should not cost KU a TD, where's the swarm? 15-20 yards at best, not a TD. Coaches are at fault for the breakdown as much as the players.

Cummings better start next week, Crist has no future as a player.

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KU athletic department IRS form shows women's basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson paid almost $2 million in 2009

Life is just a lark at KU as a coach, administrator, etc. I think the public now understands why tuition and taxes are so high. When performance and accountability are thrown out the window, as in academia, you get a lot of whiners who want more from the taxpayer.

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Public deserves truth surrounding Bubba Cunningham backing out of KU job

"Bubba" is a racist name associated with the oppressive south of yesteryear. That's why Mario went on a rampage the other night, at least that's the card he's playing.

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ESPN, Texas close to TV deal?

Who makes this stuff up? KU is not going to the Big East.

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Oklahoma State football undervalued from start; will Kansas be able to hold OSU offense?

OSU is my team. They are having a great year and deserve a shot at a BCS game.
I hope they whip KU, OU and NU, T. Boone needs a big win before he goes to that "big oil patch" in the sky.

If KU lays down like they did in numerous games this year, this will be a rout. Otherwise, OSU by 27.

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