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Azubuike begins pre-draft tour in Los Angeles

Some schools in the Southeast finished finals last Friday.

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Albany grad transfer and KU target Joe Cremo commits to Villanova

I don't blame him for wanting to stay closer to home. 4 hours vs 19 hours is a big difference. But if playing time was the deciding factor, he should show up and put forth the effort to win the playing time. Self plays the best player at each position no matter how long they have been on campus, but he does not promise playing time. He tells them that he will play the people who earn the minutes. It is sad that players today don't want to have to earn their minutes.

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Could KU freshman Silvio De Sousa's situation become Billy Preston Part II?

Just remember that every big name school in America is on the list from the first FBI announcement back in September. Duke, UNC, Michigan State, Kentucky, Arizona, KU and many others. This is bigger than KU. The only reason we know about any of this is because the FBI is involved and they have the power to force people to talk.

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Could KU freshman Silvio De Sousa's situation become Billy Preston Part II?

The difference with Miles Bridges is that he was on the ledger for a meal he and his family had with an agent. Miles made a donation to a charity equal to the meal that he got. And then the NCAA cleared him of everything. I am not sure how Deandre Ayton got to play. As far as I know he was cleared by Arizona to play. Not sure if the NCAA ruled on this. Ultimately this comes down to what KU, Coaches and DeSousa knew. If none of them knew about the money then how can the NCAA take anything away? The NCAA set the standard when they allowed Cam Newton to play in the National Championship game because Auburn and Cam didn't know about the money his dad took. And the NCAA ruled Cam cleared to play. So the NCAA cleared DeSousa to play this year, so if we didn't know about the money and DeSousa didn't know about it? We should be clear. But I think KU needs to bench DeSousa until the NCAA clears him again, to keep our pattern of benching until cleared when something comes to light. After all that is what ultimately saves us from any issues with the Billy Preston information!

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He Will, He Won't, He Might 2017: Udoka Azubuike

How old is Udoka? I thought that he was young coming into KU?

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