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KU receives NCAA response in violations case

I have to agree with cutting to the chase and get on with this. The fact is that we agreed to call/label Adidas a booster in order to have the NCAA hear an appeal of the two year suspension of Silvio De Sousa. Ultimately that is at the center of the NCAA claim and I believe that it was a huge mistake on the part of KU's Athletic department to do that. There were plenty of people at ESPN that would have supported a public story/trial of the NCAA for the singling out Silvio only. If KU had gone to ESPN to tell the story that the NCAA was trying to make them label Adidas a booster to have Silvio's case heard that would have been a big deal. I am sure there is an attorney would have taken a discrimination case against the NCAA. To date the NCAA has done nothing to Silvio's guardian and he has something like 19 other players that he is the guardian for, who are playing for other NCAA college teams. If they wanted to stop him it is very simple, but that would stop quality players from making the NCAA money. I hope the KU Nation is smart enough to know that we are not clean in this matter at all. Hopefully it doesn't end up being 5 major violations, but what ever the punishment is we need to accept that we got ourselves into this. The NCAA is using this as a way to clean up their image that has been tarnished by the FBI doing their own investigation. We just need to get on with it! I wouldn't be surprised to see this thing stretch beyond next season.

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KU argues Beaty attempting to distract from relevant facts in lawsuit

Seems like Long needs a lesson on how to fire someone. How do you let a guy know that at the end of the season he is going to be fired, let him coach the last three games and not get him to sign something that says he understands that he will not be getting the buy out clause. Seems fairly simple, you want to coach the last three games then sign this statement that you know you are being terminated for poor performance of the team. He also needs to be required to attend an HR clinic on appropriate behavior. And if Long refuses to attend he should be fired! Long took over a mess but hasn't really looked that great. Was Long the one that gave Beaty the extension or was that someone else?

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KU argues Beaty attempting to distract from relevant facts in lawsuit

The article Tuesday March 31st said KU has the 3rd highest football severance spending over the past 15 years at $23,731,412, which includes the $3 million buyout for Beaty. KU should have fired him after going 3-33 in three years for lack of wins! Unless there is some unknown evidence that hasn't been released yet, we look bad. With everything that is going on in the Athletic department right now they should be trying to keep our names out of the press and that is exactly why Beaty's lawyers are putting this out there. They are hoping to get us to just pay it so it goes away. In the end we are going to spend more than the $3 million, but doesn't the contract have something in it that would allow KU to fire for lack of performance?
6-42 over 4 years should be enough to get rid of the dead weight.

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KU forward Silvio De Sousa suspended indefinitely

First and foremost last night was the worst display that I have ever seen in a KU basketball game ever. We can all point fingers at each other and say it was KU's fault or it was K-State's fault. We could all say if DaJuan Gordan had followed the instructions his coach gave to back off, not foul and let the time run out none of this would have happened. Or if De Sousa had let DaJuan Gordon lay the ball up or just blocked the shot and walked away none of this would have happened. But I think everyone needs to take a look at the Ref that was right there after De Sousa blocked the layup and went to stand over Gordan. That Ref didn't even move to call the technical or step in front of De Souse or pull him away from the scene. I know it is a big job to step in front of a player the size of De Sousa but had he done something none of this would have happened. I think all of the ESPN employees who said that De Sousa should be kicked out of college basketball or suspended for the rest of the year need to step back and watch the video captured by Cameron Collins that shows that Antonio Gordon shoved De Sousa to the ground, which De Sousa responded by coming up swinging. If you look at De Souse's face he is in shock and when something like this happens you go into defense mode. What De Sousa did was wrong. Picking up a chair was wrong, but De Sousa dropped the chair unlike what all of the ESPN staff were saying that it was taken away from him. People did try to take the chair away but it was De Sousa who dropped the chair. LaPhonso Ellis said that when he played in college he grabbed another player by the throat, but his team mates stopped him from getting into trouble. Mr. Ellis then went on to speak badly about De Sousa's team mates not stopping him. Mr. Ellis, did you happen to notice that the entire K-State bench was between De Sousa and his team mates? Or that tthe KU players were almost 90 feet away at the other end of the court? Jay Williams actually surprised me today by standing up for De Sousa and say that he should not be kicked off the team. That De Sousa is a 21 year kid that made a big mistake. Why is it that no one seems to be saying anything about the K-State players: Antonio Gordon helped to escalate this by shoving De Sousa. Not to mention James Love who couldn't play in the game stepping to the mix and throwing a few punches of his own. I was wondering what happened to Weber during all of this and I found him in the video grabbing two of his players that were trying to climb over the press table to get to De Sousa. Everyone is looking for one person to blame this black eye on, but everyone who call themselves reporters need to do their homework and watch all of the video of what happened. Don't just look at one view and make a judgement about what happened and what the penalties should be. DO YOUR JOB AND GET ALL OF THE FACTS BEFORE YOU TELL JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS!

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KU argues with NCAA that Adidas isn't a booster, but sends out flyer to local businesses suggesting otherwise

It is all about the NCAA's definition of booster. Like others have said based on their definition every school that has an apparel contract is in violation of these rules. You think Nike didn't talk to Zion Williams for Duke when they were paying his mother to manage the AAU team that he was playing on for the last two years of his high school career? If you believe that then I have some soon to be beach front property that I would like to sell you. The NCAA is mad because KU or people who work for KU took the De Sousa story to the public. You had sports reporters saying that the NCAA had been unfair to De Sousa and that pissed off the NCAA. It is a huge mess which was created by the NCAA. You have coaches making millions of dollars a year and where do you think that money comes from? The Addidas contract helps to cover some of Bill's $4.9 Million dollar contract. Duke has a lot of money but I am sure that Nike's contract helps offset the just under $8.9 Million dollar contract. The schools have to come up with the money from somewhere?

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Analysis: Understanding what matters and what doesn't in the NCAA's case against KU

Ayton occurred the season before last. The FBI has on tape the head coach saying to the Nike rep to talk to him and not his assistant about Ayton. It is my understanding that the head coach payed Ayton $10,000 per month for 10 months while he was at AZ. The Nike rep testified to that fact that Sean Miller paid Ayton with his own money.

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Analysis: Understanding what matters and what doesn't in the NCAA's case against KU

I hope/wish KU recorded the conversation or the email communication so that they can show the world how the NCAA made them declare Grassola a booster. KU needs to take this to federal court.

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Analysis: Understanding what matters and what doesn't in the NCAA's case against KU

The NCAA required KU to label Grassola a booster in order for them to consider the DeSouza appeal. That came out a long time ago.

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Analysis: Understanding what matters and what doesn't in the NCAA's case against KU

Bottom line is that the NCAA is in big trouble here because a lot of Division 1 schools have this kind of thing going on. If you think that this is limited to KU, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Louisville, NC State and the other schools named in the Adidas trial you really need open your eyes. The only reason Nike schools aren't in the headlines is because one of the people involved tried to blackmail Nike. Nike called the FBI and so everyone thinks what the guy says is a lie. KU made a big mistake calling Gassnola a booster in order to have DeSouza's appeal heard by the NCAA. I respect the fact that KU stood by it's player and did what had to be done. But based on the definition of a booster above, couldn't every shoe manufacturer be considered a booster? If they received tickets to games it would seem that Adidas, Nike, Under Armour or any shoe manufacturer could all be labeled as a boosters. All of the shoe manufacturers want the best players to go to one of their sponsored schools. They want a return on their investment. One could also take the testimony that is being used against us to point the finger at a Nike school. Does everyone think that Zion only asked Adidas for a job for his step dad, a house for his family and money? If you believe that once again open your eyes. We can not say that we are 100% clean in this situation. So we need to come clean, accept responsibility for our actions, accept the penalties, but DO NOT let the NCAA run over us.

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Report: Dedric Lawson agrees to free agent deal with Golden State after going undrafted in NBA Draft

Dedric probably left early because he was going to have a hard time improving on the season that he just had. He averaged 19 points, 10 rebounds while recording 22 double-doubles and led the Big 12 in scoring. He was the Jayhawks best player/best option this past season due to injury, freshman inconsistencies and people leaving the team. Had he come back for next year he would not have been the best player/best option on next years team and that would likely have made his numbers lower than this past season. Like it or not all of the NBA scouts and experts would have said he regressed and he would be trying to get out from under the label that he doesn't have the talent to be in the NBA. Not to mention the fact that he has been at school for four years and I remember even though I loved my time at KU I was ready to leave after four years. I hope he makes the roster with Golden State even if it means he has to take a two way contract and go back & forth between the G League and the NBA.

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