dewclw 10 years, 1 month ago

Hey, as a big Jayhawk fan of 30 yrs plus, I am glad they won the game against BU, but I wish Coach Self and the players would come in with the same confidence in every tournament game like they played Texas in the Big 12 tourney. To succeed in anything you have to believe that you can do it first and then go out and do it. When the jayhawks are playing bad, they have a tendancy to stand around with NO excitement. Bill needs to get them to raise their hands on defense and move their feet, and keep moving the ball on offense. But their defense will open the door for everything. Be active. I'm sick and tired of great Jayhawk teams just going through the motions on the way to an early exit. Get tough, get mean. Talk trash "AFTER" you've won the title, and not now. If they want it bad enough, then go "take" it. Start flexing some of that Big 12 muscle and just take it.

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