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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

Hey scoop, check into one James Michael Soderling. He is about half way down the list here:

Fort Bragg, Ca. Previously a swim coach in Mendocino, previously the head swim coach at Topeka Swim Association, previously head coach at Lawrence Aquahawks. About 3 years ago Mike fell off the deep end. Divorce, lost jobs, running to California.......and now indicted in a federal drug bust.

Or maybe I'm mistaken regarding the Mike Soderling that I know so well. KU athletes? Big deal. 12 year old swimmers right here in Lawrence coached by a guy who couldn't make it to practice in the morning because he was still smashed from the night before? Big deal.

Left a nice wife and two fine little girls behind, too. What a shame.

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Recap: KU punishes nation's No. 1 defense; plus, a KU concern heading into NCAAs

In other words, in this day of diversity, inclusiveness and's still OK to be a Jayhawk fan.

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Recap: KU punishes nation's No. 1 defense; plus, a KU concern heading into NCAAs

Percentage data is based upon metrics that vary widely from game to game. They give the astute observer a way to judge the averages, the probabilities, the chances.

And then the game is played and the sample size becomes one and the statistics are meaningless. If it is a baseball season, then I can see the effectiveness of statistics. 162 games is a large sample. Even playoffs are best-of-7.

But this upcoming contest is a one-and-done.

The Jayhawks are again a very good team. The data shows it They have a great chance to win it all. By great chance I mean......maybe 20%. The likeliest event is that don't win all 6 games. The randomness of outcome is the true charm of the NCAA tournament.

So to all those folks out there who live and die by this tournament outcome, remember that you're relying on a bunch of 18,19,20 and 21 year-old kids. Some of those kids you might not hire for a job or be too happy if they were dating your daughter.

Sit back and enjoy, folks. Just 4 games to the final 4.

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KU men will play winner of Nebraska/Oklahoma State on Thursday at 11:30 a.m.

Swap Mizzou and OSU and the brackets are north and south. That is, 5 of 6 teams in each half are from the same division. We've already seen 'em twice.

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