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KU basketball notebook: Vitale has Kansas at No. 1, Dotson on watch list and a recruiting decision coming?

I love Dotson. He's a Frank Mason-type player, only better in his early years, and I'd love to see him stay all four years just to solidify his status as an all-time great Jayhawk. I know I'm dreaming, but a guy can wish, right?

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KU sophomore Ochai Agbaji emphasizing personal development, team leadership this offseason

Addition by subtraction. I wish him the best and he'll always be a Jayhawk, but I feel we are better without him.

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It's Over: Kansas suffers 89-75 season-ending loss to Auburn in Round of 32

I'd love to see Grimes take a page out of Dedric's playbook and hit 250 3s a day. Maybe he already does, but man I cringe every time he pulls up from downtown.

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Heavy Hand: KU junior Mitch Lightfoot leads KU to crucial win over K-State

I know this is random, but has anyone else realized that without Vick, we have no one for senior night. While that's not really a huge deal, it's a game we never lose, partly because AFH is so juiced along with all the players. It'd be awful to lose the league by laying an egg on the last regular season game against Baylor, assuming we are still in it at that point.

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Jayhawks' locker room a reflection of just how big Monday's road win at TCU really was

I've been thinking the same thing. I've loved Vick when he's played and shot well, but his turnovers and disappearing act have been costing the team lately. Sure seems like the "addition by subtraction" theory is spot-on in this case. Best of luck to him but I'm ok if he doesn't return.

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Jayhawks' locker room a reflection of just how big Monday's road win at TCU really was

Agreed. He sure manned up to sink those free throws. Loving this kid!

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Benton Smith: Mistakes prove costly as KU drops rivalry showdown

They came back out in the zone after halftime, but KSU made some adjustments and figured it out. It had pretty much lost its effect, so Self went back to man-to-man. Either way, we were being outplayed and outhustled, making either defense equally ineffective.

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Silvio De Sousa ruled ineligible through 2019-20 season

And has anyone heard anything about Duke being investigated about Zion Williamson? The NCAA is just so inconsistent and completely biased. What a joke and how sad for Silvio.

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De Sousa's attorney: 'It's time for the NCAA to be fair to Silvio'

Even if he did know about the payments, it seems to me like he's served his time. Time to let him play. Like you alluded to, his career is on the line here.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 74, Villanova 71

I don't disagree with any of these grades. I actually love that this team is beating some of the top competition in the country and it hasn't even come close to reaching its ceiling yet. It'll be really exciting to watch them continue to improve, and they should be really tough come conference play with Dok back. Rock Chalk!

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