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Opinion: Wait pays off for KU players

"That’s what I’m most proud of, the fact that you’ve got four kids all from different scenarios that waited their time and made the most of it, when opportunity knocks they beat the door down."
That is what I love about KU basketball. And what I love about our players.
And this quote is why I no longer feel so upset about losing a Randle. I am ready for the next group that has sat back patiently to have their turn to beat the door down.

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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

Maybe he was using it as leverage to get the playing time he wanted. I am sure it didn't hurt to hear Cal throw his players under the bus and talk a lot about less playing time for the current players. I'm disappointed but I will respect the decision the Randle family made for themselves. The ones I feel bad for are the current players who went into this thinking they would be the ones with the next big contract. Looks like they won't be able to prove themselves now.

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KU’s Elijah Johnson grows into Jayhawks’ clear leader

One of your best post. I agree with your thinking. However I don't think CS vision of Perry will really help Perry. If his goal is the NBA, he is not big enough to fight with the 4's there. 3 would be better for his size.

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KU’s Elijah Johnson grows into Jayhawks’ clear leader

Well said! Here another fan who believes in the team.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Notebook: Elijah Johnson quiet after loss; Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore named Wooden finalists

The worst is the #5 on your list for half empty.
And I'm excited about #4 on half full.
Who knows what CS will need to do to get "all" of his players' minds in the game. But we will be playing against players who can shot outside or bigs who will be very physical, so they need to expect both.

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FINAL: Elijah Johnson wills KU to 108-96 OT win over Iowa State

Forget that. You play till the end of the end. You don't give up. Iowa State didn't guard. They gave up with time still on the clock. I don't believe in dribbling the ball out. You play till the buzzer sounds. And by the way, after the dunk the other player tried to score.

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Jayhawks ‘Shake’ funk

Forgetting two things. First, one man can't carry the team. Second, Baksetball is not big in Texas. It will always be football. So unless he is another KD, I don't expect free lunch for life.

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Bill Self: Naadir Tharpe solid on ‘D

Remember, in order for the second tier guys to have significant minutes, the starters have to play well enough for CS to let the others come into the game. That means the starter, for example, need to blow TCU out of the water so that they can sit some and have fresh legs for Iowa State. The key is for the starters to play extremely well early to earn their rest.

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

I agrre with you and jaybate. I always thought EJ was not 100% and I also don't believe we should be bashing any players who have contributed to the team. EJ has done alot for the team and no matter how many slumps a player goes through, these players were chosen to play for KU and they accepted. If we want to be good fans then let just support the team. We can be frustrated by the plays but lets not get down on a group of men who go out there, injured and all, to play for our school.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

But did you read EJ's comments above. Tharpe got winded so EJ went back to the 1. That comment tells me first, why Self took Tharp out of the game when everyone complained about it and second, that Tharp isn't physically ready to play an entire game. That is a good reason why Tharp is coming off the bench. At this point he doesn't have the conditioning and stamina to do a full game. Maybe that is why he didn't look as good the second half of the K State game.
So let us believe CS has his reasons for what he is doing. This gave us enough insight to show he knows what he is doing.
Good luck on Sat. EJ.

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