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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

If the NCAA, universities, and coaches don't watch what they are pushing for, they may find more student athletes will be signing financial ad agreements rather than LOI. I'm surprised more don't do this.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

I think if a coach doesn't like the rule, then be pro-active and make sure the player knows he will see more playing time. Players want to play. Maybe they wouldn't leave if they felt they were being utilized. So instead of complaining that players are leaving, give them a reason to stay. In the case of Black, maybe he didn't want to just have 8 mins. a game. Maybe he wanted a place where he could get 15+ mins. a game. Whats wrong with that?
In Lucas case, he will stay if CS uses him. And if he isn't utilized or told he will be by the time he graduate, then let him find a place to go. He shouldn't have to get scrub minutes his senior year just because we need him for 8 mins. a game. Let any of these player have a shot at their dream no matter where it might be.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

Ditto that! The student athlete already has to sit out a year if they red shirt, or if the transfer. Now schools want to also tie them to the institution by not letting them go someplace else to complete their eligibility if they graduate sooner. Coaches and school don't make enough money that they now want to deprive the athlete the chance to possibly improve their position. I also say shame on them.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

Try to get past the CS part and look at the rest. I agree with REHawk and the one year scholarship rule. If a coach can "subtly" tell a student that there will not be playing time in the near future at the school, forcing them to make the decision to leave and lose a year of eligibility. At any point a coach can let us know that scholarships are only one year. However, if that is the case, then they should not whine if a student graduates and decides to use their eligibility at another school. Why should they stay if scholarships are only given from year to year. They say four year scholarship but they are not really a guaranteed scholarship for the whole time. As long as a scholarship is not guaranteed for the full four years, then I think a student should have the right to leave and play elsewhere. Many students are playing for a shot at being able to help their families. If they are riding the bench (as Mr. Black) then let them try to find a place where they can get exposure or playing time.

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Bill Self basks in glow

What a good take. I hope that Tharpe also picked up on the validation of his ability and that CS does too. That would be quite a vote of confidence.

Now what does that say about Mr. Harrison?

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Bill Self basks in glow

I think Okafor's comment is quite telling.
“A lot of people say that Kansas doesn’t want a freshman to just come in for a year and have a huge impact then leave. I’ve never believed that, but I know Andrew will prove that it’s not true so that’s why it’s big..."

This says that maybe we aren't getting a lot of the top picks because "others" are telling them that KU doesn't want to deal with someone coming in for one year. That could mean a lot of pressure on the coaches and the program to make sure Wiggins keeps his # 1 ranking. If he holds at #1 pick, then we could start to see more top 5 recruits coming to Kansas. If he drops, then we will be seen as the program that ruins the chances of top picks. Good example of the double edge sword.

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D-Day arrives for prep standout Andrew Wiggins

Best movie ever!

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Texas prep Myles Turner turning heads

How about this. School must prove both attedence and mid term grades for the spring semester otherwise player can't play in the NCAA tourney.

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Ben McLemore on if it was his last college game: 'At this point, I really don't know'

No matter what CS or EJ have said, EJ is not a point guard. His whole career he was more of a shooting guard and was asked to step in at the point this year. It would be difficult to understand a point mentality if you only did it for one year. So "boneheaded" moves would be understandable when you are playing out of position.

I won't throw EJ under the bus for tonight's performance. Choosing to make him the starting point guard was not his decision. And it was a decision that lead to this moment. Sorry, but this loss is on the coach. He decided EJ would play point and he decided to go with EJ down the stretch of tonight's game, even though the team was playing better with him on the bench. When Ben wasn't playing well and sat almost a full half, CS understood it was for the good of the team. He didn't do what was best for the team tonight.

We all make bad decisions. But playing EJ when there were multiple bad plays should be on CS and not EJ. You could tell EJ wasn't settled in the game. No tough player is going to asked to be pulled from the game. That is the coaches decision. CS is a good coach but I don't always agree with his choices. Tonight choices made me feel sick. But more sad than anything. I feel very sad tonight.

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UNC-ya: Halftime speech by seniors — not Bill Self — sparks KU in 70-58 win

I can't believe some of the bloggers on here. This was suppose to be another down year and yet we win the Big 12 and are going to the sweet 16. Stop second guessing the coach and the players. Did you learn nothing from the one bad week. The players said despite the negative comments from fans, they pulled together and supported each other. Why can't we do the same. We are called "fans" aren't we?

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