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Reputation as lock-down defender growing by the day for Kansas sophomore Marcus Garrett

Every time Garrett makes a steal, that's a point. Every time his man shoots 4 for 10 instead of 8 for 10, that's eight points. Every time his man shoots 10 times instead of 14 times, that's four points. And that's not to mention contributions through help defense and rebounding. Defense is just as important as offense, and this kid is a great defender. I cut him some slack on offense, just as I'd cut a great scorer some slack on defense.

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Tom Keegan: Devon Dotson hits ground running in debut

ESPN+ in Denver, though the production head was in preseason form -- missed a number of plays while showing other crap.

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Battery charge dropped against KU basketball player Carlton Bragg Jr.; accuser charged based on video

I am a rabid Kansas basketball fan. But, when I read this story I honestly had no thoughts or concerns about the basketball team. I am just happy for a young man who has been vindicated of false charges. I don't know Carlton Bragg, but he seems such a good, intelligent and happy person -- the last one I would have expected of violence against women. Of course, he's had good counsel throughout this process. But, he has listened to that counsel, and handled himself extraordinarily well. I'm happy for him.

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Bill Self looks back on six seasons of one-and-done Jayhawks … and one to come

Excellent analysis, Suzi. One of the problems with one-and-dones is that they don't have time to recover and/or adapt to the problems that college freshmen have. It might be school, or injuries, or understanding how to play college ball, or the NCAA review processes. A few avoid these problems. Most don't.

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Further proof that Kansas, Missouri don't mix

Peggy Noonan got it right: "Hillary -- way less abnormal."

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Who's No. 1? Sure it’s early, but puts Jayhawks No. 2 in 16-team power rankings

Oh stop it. Are you saying you don't love to read this stuff. I think preseason rankings are fun. They create interest and excitement. I love them. Why don't we ratchet your comments up one level, and say that nothing matters, because we're going to die anyway.

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