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Postgame Report Card: Texas 73, Kansas 63

We look nothing like a conference champion right now. Hope we can turn it around.....soon.

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KU forward Dedric Lawson has responded by being much tougher on the glass since his dud at Baylor earlier this month

Lawson should have had help against Ky's bigs. Self is stubborn. Small ball will work against other teams that play a similar style ball. McCormack should have played more minutes Sat. At 6ft 10 inches, 245 lbs, he could have provided much needed rebounding. Instead, he only plays relief minutes to give Lawson a blow. Hard to second guess a Hall of Fame coach, but, we needed two bigs in the game.

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Notebook: Jayhawks have become a regular on Big Monday for good reason

Against Kentucky, the other bigs will be needed.

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Garrett, Lawson carry No. 9 Kansas to crucial home win over Iowa State

It was a great team win for the Jayhawks last night. Finesse vs. finesse. However, we need to put on our big boy pants for the game Sat. at Rupp Arena vs. Kentucky. They have shot blockers. Our guys can't be softly laying it up off the glass against those men. Even Dedric Lawson needs to "slam" the ball once in a while. If we play soft....we will lose. McCormack will need to play a larger role Sat. We will need his size. Go Hawks!!!

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He Will, He Won't, He Might 2018: Devon Dotson

I agree with everything you said Matt. This kid is gonna be a stud.

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Tom Keegan: Even No. 1 preseason ranking can't lift cloud hovering over KU basketball

I agree Adam. Keegan is a turn coat. He should be writing articles of excitement about the upcoming season. Negative speculation is all his story amounts to. ROCK CHALK... .KU.

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Jayhawks enter 2018-19 season ranked No. 1 in AP poll

Does anyone know if there is any way to watch the exhibition games without purchasing ESPN+? Are Jayhawk TV and ESPN+ the same?

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2019 PF Jeremiah Robinson-Earl closing in on a decision?

I read on line today that although the current trial of Adidas execs is wrapping up, there are two more high profile trials scheduled for early next year. I doubt the NCAA will take any type of action against any school until the results are in for all of the trials. KU's current season, nor its coaches, should be in any immediate danger of any type of punishment by the NCAA. ROCK CHALK!!!!

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Tom Keegan: Does Kansas have a clean basketball program?

I am really surprised that so many of you so called "KU" basketball fans are willing to throw the coaching staff under the bus. Text messages... phone calls... back and forth between the coaching staff and shoe company executives are completely normal in this day and age of recruiting. How the hell to you think Kansas lands ANY 5 star recruit in today's competitive environment? Do you really think 5 star recruits come to Lawrence simply because of KU's long tradition of winning or because it has an impressive streak of 14 straight Big 12 titles?
Perhaps because of its Hall of Fame Coach. Recruiting, like the game of basketball itself, is a battle of the fittest. A handful of colleges get the majority of the top recruits... been that way for many years. That being said, there has been absolutely no evidence that the KU coaching staff has done anything illegal, immoral or unethical in its recruiting practices. Tom Keegan..... why don't you at least pretend to be a loyal KU fan and quit reporting what "might" happen and write articles that positively reflect on the upcoming season. It would behoove all of us to stop promulgating "fake news" like a bunch of "cry baby" liberals. ROCK CHALK....KU.

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As college basketball corruption trial opens, attorney admits client paid $20K to get De Sousa to come to KU

Until Coach Self tells the media that Silvio is not playing, I choose to believe he will play. The NCAA ruled Silvio eligible last year. Nothing has changed.

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