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Notebook: KU football RB Devin Neal goes for 100 yards for 2nd time in freshman season

I’m going to call Devin Neal “The Foundation” as we help Coach Leipold rebuild Kansas Football.

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No. 3 Oklahoma rallies for 35-23 road win over KU football

First forward hand off in history saved OU. Seriously, that was a fourth and one where we appeared to stop them and we would've had a short field and our offense was hot.

Somebody in New York had to check the rulebook to call that legal

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No. 3 Oklahoma rallies for 35-23 road win over KU football

We have the right coach.

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'Stay the course': Leipold and coordinators trusting rebuilding philosophies amid KU football losing streak

Worked for Embid, and took 3+ years to pay off.

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Lance Leipold's confidence is currently the most consistent thing about a Kansas football program trying to find its rhythm

We’re going to find local kids with heart - like Devin Neal and build this.

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Jayhawks see some offensive progress, despite loss at No. 17 Coastal Carolina

What was up with the kicking game?

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Game day with Travis Goff: First-year KU AD experiences wide range of emotions during Kansas football debut

Matt, what is the injury report?

Sam Burt out log term?

I think two of our O line came out of the game too, at different times - Malik Clark and Earl Bostock.

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Jayhawks navigate late-game pressure for 17-14 comeback win in Lance Leipold's debut

The biggest thing was patience by the offense. We really did not try any third and long passes that could be intercepted. In the past our bad coaches would call such plays and we would’ve been behind 14 nothing at half instead of ahead 10-0 in the old days.

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