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No time to lose: Transfer Tarik Black already working hard

Wow!! A lot of posts concerning religion. Religion is an ism; believing is a mindset in which one may or may not believe in a higher being, or a rock, as one chooses. However, it does behoove one to "believe" that religion is dangerous when taken in the context of the "believers" in the Mid-East. It has been proven over and over again that some people on this great planet feel that violence in the name of God is the only route. That is not what I believe, as I believe that my God is one of peace and love. I can only hope that those of the Mideast principles will turn to destroying their own within their country and leave ours alone!

What a great article from a young man who has his future aligned with his present standards. So refreshing to see a young man who has the: Knowledge--Knowing what he wants after basketball and the: Wisdom - -Understanding what it will take to get there.

I look forward to the 2013-2014 season!.

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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

31 WINS 4 YEARS STRAIGHT!! We lost because of numerous reasons so we cannot blame Coach Self or any individual player. EJ did not do us any service with some of his plays/actions. Withey never showed up as he looked lethargic from the very start. He let the Michigan player post him out and he did not chase down loose balls or fight for rebounds. The turning point in the game was when Burke was allowed to shoot at will from outside of the arc. Give the KU guards credit though, as many of those open shots were the result of moving screens and illegal screens to free Burke. The game should not have gone into overtime because Burke's shot came AFTER a foul on EJ when he was pulled down to the court. This happened right in fron of an official. His view was in the air looking at the ball, not on the players in his area. The camera action showed the replay from an angle which clearly showed EJ being pulled by his jersey. This view was only shown one time and all other replays were from just the one angle cross-court to show the shot.

I agree with the posts that this was a poorly called game. EJ, on replay, had the ball dribbled over the half-court line as the 10 seconds ended. Once the ball is on the floor in the front court, the time count ends. This did not happen. If the trail official had counted the many times that EJ was pushed, held, of illegally blocked bringing the ball up, the count would have been moot.

I cannot say one way or the other if EJ intentionally hit McGary. It looks like he was moving to quickly get around the screen. There is no inflection on EJ's face to show that he was going after McGary. I can say that our dominate center was dominated by the Freshman, 25 points/14 boards. Jeff picked a bad time to not show up!

I still love the Hawks and follow them in all sports. I was not ready for this ride to end as I still feel we have a great team. Again, there were many different reasons we lost the game. Don't put this loss on one player who is Jayhawk at heart and has done some great things for Hawks basketball. I look forward to next year and another 30 win season! There are thousands of basketball fans from other colleges that would love to be able to have this pedigree. RCJH

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UNC coach Roy Williams: Loss stings, but not because of history with KU

Coach, you were a class act when coaching at KU and are a class act at NC. NC had a good season; but KU has had a better season. It looked for a while that I was going to witness a game with a sense of Deja Vu from the '90's when the Hawks were highly rated but lost to a lower ranked team. This time, however, they came back and took care of business.

Good luck to you coach, next year. RCJH

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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

KU does things the right way. Our kids know where they stand and what they have to do to be a better player and a better student. Kentucky will soon have a problem that will not be a problem with a good resolution. The Ky site stated an hour ago that they are not going to have the prospected players declaring for the draft as according to the site, the players stated they are going to come back because they feel that they are not ready for the draft and will not have a good draft number! With the numbers that C has recruited, based upon his assumption, they will not have the open scholarships for all of these kids. Some will probably be asked to leave as I feel that some of the players will not accept a non-scholarship redshirt next year. This is just my opinion, BUT!

As far as the total wins for Ky and KU. If the NCAA had taken away the wins from Ky's 1951 point shaving season, the seasons with the improper recruiting and payment of players with Rupp, Joe B. Hall, and Eddie Sutton, Ky was barred from the 1990 and 1991 NCAA tournament, the total would not be as close as it is. They should have had those games removed.

We can only assume that Coach C. will find a way to grease the skids, possibly with the use of KY Jelly!?

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Opinion: Under Bill Self, KU dazzlingly consistent

In regard to Coach Wooden being the greatest coach who has ever blown a whistle, it might behoove one to check out all that is available considering that coach's past. Granted, he did win 10 championships and 88 straight games. A feat that will most likely never happen again. But let's look at the full coaching record of Coach Wooden. He started coaching at UCLA in 1948 (a great year!). From 1948 - 1963 he never won any NCAA championships.Then from 1964 - 1976 he won 10 championships in 12 years. What happened? Well, Sam Gilbert happened! He paid to have UCLA become the best team that money could buy. He gave gifts of money, cars, clothes, and about anything an athlete would want. He was also instrumental in keep Lucious Allen and Lew Alcindor on the campus when they were both dissatisfied. Coach Wooden can be compared with the dishonesty of another coach in which improper gifts, etc. were given by boosters to ensure quality of program. In fact, there was an investigation of UCLA in the 70's which was consequently dropped by the NCAA for no apparent reason when they knew of the improprieties in the basketball program. Gilbert not only paid the players, but also became the agent for many of the players including Allen, Alcindor, and Walton. (Public record, check it out). All of these violations would have caused UCLA to forfeit wins and vacate championships. One of Coach Wooden's stated the obvious quite succintly when he stated, "Among the things Coach Wooden was good at was knowing what he didn't want to know." A very nice man, yes; a great coach, no. A great coach would not have turnd a blind-eye to all the improper benefits for so many years. But then, I can only surmise that he felt the means justifed the ends. I would never be a fan who would welcome a championship through cheating. Maybe the 'Hawks will never win consecutive championships, but we can say that the 'Hawks' coaches do things honestly!

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FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58

When Ifs and Buts become Beer and Nuts, we will have one heck of a PARTY!! The season is not over. Sit back, pop a cold one, and just enjoy what we have and other teams do not!

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FINAL: Baylor routs KU, 81-58

I will assume that your response is the downbeat of an upset. Nowhere in this game should one promote violence from one team to another, i.e. Temple, and what they did to another team. We win with top sportsmanship, and sometimes we lose, but still keep up the sportmanship. You owe KU and the staff an apology for this unwarraneted diatribe about taking out another player! When KU plays lethargic, then the score speaks for itself!

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Texas Tech coach Chris Walker: KU rout of TTU 'open season'

When one is talking about announcers, how can one overlook:

The Gorth of the North/The Least of the East/The Mouth of the South/The Pest of the West


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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

JayhawkRock78 Thanks for the response. I, too, am a die-hard KU fan who does bleed little dancing J-Hawks when I get a cut! I have followed all KU sports for too many years to keep count. I can tell you that I was as the Kansas state track meet when Jim Ryan broke the mile record, I did not run against him as I was in a different division. Was happy when he decided on KU. I was in the Philippines when KU and Penn St. played in the Orange Bowl game and lost $5 due to 12 men on the field. I follow ALL KU sports regardless of the sport or gender. I do not root for one team in football and then KU in basketball as some do. I appreciate what KU gives to the world in great sports aind sportsmanship. If I had my way my house would be decorated in all KU. However, I have a wife that thinks I have way too many items now so I am relegated to the basement and my "beer" shed in my yard. It does define KU with signs, posters, and any other item I can latch on to. I am looking forward to the upcoming years in KU sports and, again, just appreciate what KU does! My aunt received her Law Degree from KU in 1953 and as a little pipsqueak fell in love with her KU paperweights. This has led to a very wonderful past 60 years of KU sports.

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

The "call" is not as clear as Fran and Butthead deemed it to be! As I previously stated the officials were out of position to make the call. EJ was fouled prior to Niang flopping; therefore, moot point. I do feel that all officials often times call games in favor of the home crowd. In this game, during the entire process, there were many questionable calls. We, as fans, can do nothing more than to express our dissatisfaction with the officials on the sports blog. That is, unless, one wants to step up and have the NCAA officials committee review ALL games and then honor those officials who are: 1) unbiased as to the atmosphere 2) do not allow coaches on the sidelines to dictate calls (Coach K, Calimari) 3) and understand that this is a GAME, nothing more and nothing less. There are no medals for valor; there are no great rewards arbitrarily given to players - - these rewards are earned by the players through their respective play. I do not understand how fans can look at a game and feel "Well, they (officials) were bad for both sides." That, in my opinion, is the epitome of extreme BS. I wish that all coaches were allowed to voice his/her opinion on the officiating without sanctions being placed on the coach for speaking out.

I have followed basketball, as a player, as a coach, and as an official, and cannot understand how true fans can accept the complacency of the officials today. If you can recall an official of E. Hightower, then you will know how officials can, and do, change the flow of the game. Mr. Hightower, in his later years, was more for putting himself on the High-Tower, than he was in perfecting the play of the game! But, then, I am not involved in the play of the game, nor am I involved with any team or official. Just strictlly from a fan who has been around the block, so to speak, and was fortunate to play, coach, and officiate this wonderful sport in Europe/Asia/and USA. B-ball is a wonderful sport and should have those involved doing their best to keep the integrity of the game left on the floor for the players to decide who is the better team on any given night.

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