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Jeff Long hired as KU's new athletic director

I want to be the first to welcome Bret Bielema as our future football coach.

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Column: Better late than sooner for KU

Tom, Why don't you write a full column on how much you dislike Green instead of peppering all of your columns with little negative asides about him. It is getting a little old. We get it, he doesn't make steals, he is not a good defender, heck, now he can't even make threes to your liking.

I am not saying anything you say is inaccurate, but it is nothing new. If he did everything perfectly, he would be our best player. If any player did everything perfectly they would be our best player.

Coach Self knows Green's strengths and weaknesses, as evidenced by his playing time fluctuating from game to game. That is what a coach does, takes a group of players with flaws in their game and puts them in the best situations he can to minimize those flaws.
Every player has weak areas. It is frustrating that Green's seem easily correctable by having a better attitude or trying harder on defense. Seldon tries to dunk when a layup will do. Ellis tries to lay it up when a dunk would work better. Mason dribbles the ball very high when he is feeling good about himself or our lead. Traylor's aggressiveness sometimes takes touches away from 4 more talented offensive threats. Oubre and Alexander are inconsistent.

Perfect players are hard to come by. Wiggins came in as the best recruit, broke a bunch of KU freshman records and is on his way to being Rookie of the Year. Yet, people say he was not as good as he could have been KU. Personally, I enjoy watching players grow over their 4 years at KU rather than seeing perfect players be one and done.

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New York prep concludes KU visit

I think we should get rid of Self and look into hiring Boy Ryan. He sounds like a young up-and-comer.

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Self: Newcomers’ talents impressive

I like your post and agree. When I read it, all I hear in my head is this scene from the Princess Bride:

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KU basketball notebook: Self still saying no to KU-MU

KU would be at fault for using an ineligible player if McLemore took money or other benefits from an agent, forfeiting his amateur status and eligibility. Its a catch 22 with the NCAA because if your defense is that you didn't know, then they hit you with lack of institutional control.

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Tarik Black strong, physical

I agree with everything you said jross. I imagine Traylor will start and stay there if he can contribute at all offensively and not get into foul trouble, but even if he doesn't Black seems to offer almost the same skill set.

When Traylor is plugged in, he is a beast. I think if we had a down recruiting year this year, the focus may have been on Ellis and Tharpe staying steady and Traylor needing to make a TRob-like leap in order for us to compete for a league title.

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Opinion: Wayne Selden sizes up recruits

And Keegan has officially jumped the shark to become the new Bill Mayer as KU's resident Grumpy Old Man.

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Tarik Black strong, physical

Just remember, Kevin Young's old coaches at LMU didn't think they had a player that could contribute at school like KU and our coaching staff utilized/coached him into being a starter. Except for Elijah's regression or mis-positioning last year, you dont see too many player regress under Self's staff from all conference to non-starter.

It could have been recruiting, attitude, or lack of coaching at Memphis that led to that fall for Black, but two of the most highly respected coaches in the game thought it was worth risking a one year scholarship on Black.

Based on Self's history, I predict Traylor will start with Tharpe, Ellis, Seldon and Wiggins. He will hope that:
1. Black and/or Embiid can develop into starters over Traylor as the year goes on like Jackson did over Kaun.
2. Black and/or Embiid can have a late season emergence like Ellis did last season.
3. Black and/or Embiid can contribute a surprise half in a big game like Aldrich did in 2008 vs. UNC.

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Rio Adams: Transfer from KU a ‘family decision’

He just tweeted that he is staying.

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