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Big 12, other conferences cancel basketball tournaments

Disappointing but it's the correct call. Containment is already impossible at this point but hopefully these cancellations can help flatten the curve.

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Finishing the job: No. 1 Jayhawks cap Big 12 title with road win at Tech

Hey Matt,

Next time you get a chance in a presser like this with Self...could you ask which region they'd pick for the NCAAT?

With the new rules the overall one gets to pick first. A lot of bracket projections have us going to the Midwest but I'd think we'd prefer Houston (South).

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Ex-KU football coach David Beaty to subpoena ESPN for ‘Miles to Go’ footage, contracts

Maybe if Beaty had tried half as hard to improve the football program as he is to get his golden parachute he would have actually won a game or two.

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KU basketball's Big 12 schedule features 4 Big Monday dates, opens Jan. 4 vs. West Virginia

I knew we struggle for some reason in KC but now we're literally just playing the Sprint Center straight up? :)

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Former Adidas executive agrees to pay KU for his part in illegal pay-to-play scheme

May not be a popular opinion but I think the players should have to give a cut of their NBA cash to schools they caused to be hit with NCAA sanctions. And that cut should be large enough to hurt. Say 80% of their income per year for each year of remaining college eligibility.

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Once Jayhawks digest dismaying loss, they’ll use early March exit as motivation

"These types of losses frustrate, linger and fester. But eventually the mental wounds begin to heal, and when that happens they can fuel players, too."

Do they though? We had no less than 5 of these types of blowout losses to inferior teams this season, and not once did we see any sort of ability to learn from them. Huge games with the streak on the line and they just collapsed over and over.

The icing on that cake was when we were finally mathematically eliminated from continuing the streak and the players literally said it wasn't even something they thought about.

This team is just weak and lacking any sort of pride. Shots not falling? Just give up, over and over. The crowd against you? Fold like a cheap suit.

The players didn't care and it showed.

I've been watching KU basketball for decades now and this was easily the softest mentally...and the scary thing is that we don't have any decent talent lined up to replace them for next year.

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Tom Keegan: Does anybody care who wins Kansas QB job?


To answer your question, nope.

I spent more then my fair share of time following KU sports and I didn't even know there was a QB battle. I gave up on this program last year. Once our new AD gives Beaty the boot he should have gotten last season I'll consider paying attention again.

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Is Kansas willing to pay next AD seven-figure salary?

I'd be fine with that kind of figure as long as it's tied to performance. Football program posting .500 season records within 5 years, etc.

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Kansas ranked ahead of one of its FBS opponents in magazine rankings

So, when we get blown out by them 42-6 in week two...can we fire Beaty then or do we have to wait until December?

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Could KU freshman Silvio De Sousa's situation become Billy Preston Part II?

Also something key to note about the difference in the Bridges case:

The impermissible benefit was the cost of a single meal...not possibly thousands of dollars like De Sousa.

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