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Kansas QB Carter Stanley doesn't think benching 'experience' helped him

The O and D lines are man handled in most games. You cant coach heart.

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Notebook: Stanley still KU's starting QB after being benched in 3rd quarter at OSU

The game cant be as difficult as K U makes it look. It often looks like a monumental task to complete basic football plays. Pathetic.

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'It’s definitely concerning': KU's offensive woes linger in 31-13 loss at No. 25 Oklahoma State

Need lock the big boys in the weight room and padlock the doors.
MILLIONS have been spent on facilities the last several years. It doesn't appear that the team uses them on any kind of regular basis. They get handled easily most games. You cant measure heart unfortunately when recruiting players.

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Les Miles: Carter Stanley still KU’s No. 1 QB

The team is going backwards. The play calling is a joke. Dearmon had a couple good games and has gone to garbage since. The D is too predictable. Basically a PREVENT the whole game. The O and D lines are weak and need to hit the weight room.
Les has to do better. This isn't getting it done.

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No. 3 Kansas commits 28 turnovers in 68-66 loss to No. 4 Duke in Champions Classic

The best three point shooter watched from the bench.

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Fiery KU football leaders Daylon Charlot, Andrew Parchment keep preaching postseason

I like what they're saying. The defense making a stop now and then and the O line blocking from time to time would help a lot.

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Schools, coaches more willing to fight NCAA allegations

Tell them to go get f****d!

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Jayhawks stunned in lopsided loss to Wildcats in front of sellout crowd

Anyone seen Carter or Dearmon?

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