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KU football coach David Beaty: 'I’m going back to the way that I was'

I don't think it really matters without any talent on the field.

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Tom Keegan: Football heading south under Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger

Not a fan of Zenger. Having said that, he's not on the field coaching or playing the games.
There should be some expectation that Division 1, (FBS, whatever) college players, (Even at KU) should be able to make BASIC football plays. Zenger wasn't the one that rolled the ball to the QB multiple times on Sat. A college CENTER should be able to handle that task.
Zenger isn't on the offensive line missing blocks and getting trucked by D lineman on nearly play. He hasn't dropped any passes, fumbled or missed EASY tackles over and over again.

Zenger isn't the one that runs an, "Air Raid Offense" that can't get a first down. It's obvious to anyone with two brain cells that KU does NOT have the athletes to run this offense. KU gets the bottom recruits, NOT OU, Texas caliber players. The ONE time on Saturday I saw KU in an "I" formation with a FULLBACK leading, they scored on a long run. Imagine that! The, "Air Raid" needs to be scraped for infantry. Run the damn ball and run the clock. One minute drives that put the defense back on the field ISN'T GETTING IT DONE!

Zenger doesn't play or coach. You can blame him for hiring the coach but that's as far as it goes.

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Tom Keegan: Too early for KU to pass on run

The OHIO d line looked like the STEEL CURTAIN. Coach needs to lock his O and D lines in the weight room for a few months.

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Former KU linebacker files concussion lawsuit against NCAA

He wasn't GOD but he went to bowl games. How have the coaches since worked out for you? Really?

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Gameday Breakdown: Kansas football vs. Rhode Island

Any streams available besides ESPN 3 that is blacked out?

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Notebook: Improved receiving corps testing KU's cornerbacks

I m 53 years old and I would TEST the KU corners. Let's not get crazy here.

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David Beaty: Jayhawks need to give fans reason to fill Memorial Stadium

I don't think we'll see FOUR wins over the next three seasons.( Including this season) I d like to be wrong but I think there is a better chance I'll be right.

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Tom Keegan: Who will lead 2016-17 Jayhawks in scoring?

I am a lot more interested in who can make a shot in the NCAA Tournament.

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Cheick Diallo plans on entering NBA Draft, Self tells Journal-World

I agree, Jeff. I thought this was an early April Fool's joke when I read it.
Good luck big fella, you're going to need it.

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