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Self says Udoka Azubuike was MVP in win over Seton Hall

I seem to recall Coach talking in the past about breaking the season up into parts - non-con, conf, conf tourney, and then 3 two game tourneys.

"two more games to get where we want to go" is the next step, not the ultimate goal.

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KU's supporting cast pushes Jayhawks past Seton Hall and into Sweet 16

The crazy thing is that people write off players, or teams, or coach, or whatever just because things aren't going perfectly for some short period of time. So proud of all these guys for continuing to fight on game day and all the days in prep for it.

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KU's supporting cast pushes Jayhawks past Seton Hall and into Sweet 16

I thought the game turned when Malik made his two 3's at the end of the first half. Really thankful for his FT's, because SH almost flipped it back at the end.

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Notebook: Kansas expecting 15-20 minutes from Azubuike vs. Seton Hall

It was interesting to read that Jairus Lyles was "recruited" by KU after he graduated from UMBC last year.

Not meant as a knock on LJW for not letting us know everything that happens surrounding recruiting and the program, but it is good to remember that we do not know everything that the coaching staff does regarding recruiting, and a lot of other parts of the program.

As an alum of another major university as well as KU, and someone that's not local anymore, I really do appreciate the amazing coverage you all provide. Thanks.

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Getting to know: Seton Hall basketball

Sanogo off the bench seems like a good match-up for Mitch, and their starters most definitely are not, nor is Dok a good match-up against someone like Sanogo who can go outside efficiently. More than what it means for our team and O, I'm hoping that Dok can start because of the match-up against them.

It would also be great to get a big rebounding effort from Silvio off the bench.

Confident that Devonte will rise to the D challenge as much as anything and inhibit them initiating their O.

The thing we can't afford to do is get into a slugfest with them like NCS did.

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Tom Keegan: Guard Khadeen Carrington the X factor for Seton Hall

Big East rivals Villanova and Xavier.

Cut off the head Devonte.

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Game day Breakdown: No. 1 seed KU basketball vs. No. 8 seed Seton Hall

"those numbers might seem small by comparison, they're actually fairly large over the course of a 30-plus game season"

So if we were playing a best out of series, the difference in numbers might be significant. For one game, it might be 1 shot difference.

As we've seen before, the real significance is who can elevate their game. To survive and advance, we need players to elevate their game, whether that be Malik going off for 30, or Silvio getting a D-D off the bench, or ....

Players must elevate their game/intensity.

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No. 1 seed Jayhawks eliminate potential March Cinderella Penn

I have a theory that picking against us is the fallout from 14 and counting. It is by far the most dominant part of the game and one of the few places where there isn't parity. It doesn't help that almost no one else is doing anything else nationally. The non-Jayhawks have generally accepted that they can't pick against us in conference so all that animosity is saved for the tournament.

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Penn aims to replicate NCAA Tournament success of Ivy League predecessors

Mike - Would it be different if it were a 2-15 game?

We are one of the lower strength 1's and others have suggested they are stronger than a 16 (though not the "powerhouse one person ranted about). Getting real is not overlooking Penn anymore than ISU or some team that didn't make the tournament.

There are no mulligans now.

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Kansas football picks up late addition to 2018 recruiting class

The Huskers had over 120 players on their roster last year, so it would appear that some people do know what they are talking about, and others maybe not so much.

UT = 113

OU = 112

tOSU = 99

Bama = 117

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