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Jordan Peterson named KU football's new safeties coach

2-10 with 37 ppg aren’t good numbers though 9-4 with 2nd ranked pass D is good. Wonder which one Jordan was responsible for?

Also interesting that our position coach leaves to become a DC at a non-P5 program and we replace him with a DC from a non-P5 program.

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Jordan Peterson named KU football's new safeties coach

Coe Harris is a CB, so not listed with safeties in this perspective though the 2 groups are sometimes lumped together as DBs.

My understanding with several players that have signed in the past 2 classes is that some were listed as QBs or athletes but recruited because they would be capable of playing RB, WR, or another position if QB didn’t work out. Maybe the coaches know of position changes that haven’t been made public.

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KU women's basketball adds transfer guard Erica Haynes-Overton

Sounds like a nice addition.

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KU promotes WRs coach Emmett Jones to passing game coordinator

Len - You must have missed Bowen’s departure.

That being said, it’s really nice to keep Jones on staff.

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Kansas defense enjoying one of its best stretches in last 3 decades

After being so maligned for even being on the court the past 2 years, it is great to see Garrett being recognized for the breadth of his game. It helps that the younguns have the physical and mental capabilities to benefit from his tutelage, which is just an oncourt extension of Coach Self. It’s nice that he has continued to work and develop his O game as well.

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Oklahoma prep O-lineman commits to KU football

Dale - Was going to say the same thing. Common under the radar situation. IIRC, the same thing happened to Drew Brees when he landed at Purdue before leading them to the Rose Bowl. Others as well.

Kit - Great extra knowledge. Love that DL is a possibility. A big DT is even harder to find than OTs.

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4-star prep LB Brennon Scott decommits from KU football

Agreed on Coach Bowen, and the D seemed to regress this year, or maybe it was just the TOs.

With better game coaching we would have won 5 last year, and should have this year as well.

Except for Coe & Pooka, recruiting has ended up being just about the same from year to year, so not sure what you mean by dry up. Hope we never revert to the days of 50% of the players not even making it onto the field.

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Big 12 opener showed how Jayhawks have returned to their dunking dominance

It shows the increased opportunities for Marcus to set an example. The others are just young and inexperienced enough to not have that as a significant tool in their belts. Another reason it’s great to have Marcus provide the combo-guard/forward presence.

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KU big man Udoka Azubuike currently riding career-best rebounding stretch

Man! Dok is looking lean and mean!

In addition to being relatively inexperienced in Big12 games, he’s also still relatively young to the game as a whole. It seems to me that his increased experience is showing up both in rebounding and shot blocking. While focus/effort is part, both are also very influenced by timing and angles. Those are just starting to become natural for him.

Great sign for things to come this year as well as into the future.

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KU's best lineup emerged out of the muck in win over WVU

I seem to recall reading Self's earlier comments being that D responsibilities were the only thing holding him back. Sounds like he's figuring that out now.

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