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Is Peyton Bender still KU's starting QB?

The improvement we showed last year on D was the result of having a very experienced group of DBs. The reversal this year is from starting over with only an 8 game starter who should be a freshman. We have no magicians on staff.

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KU's Devonte' Graham tossed into early player of the year chatter

I could also see Malik going off and Devonte being perfectly content to feed him the ball and award.

It would seem to me the more likely scenario is that the first 6-8 players will be so talented and unselfish that none of them will amass the individual stats of a POTY. Sort of like '08, though that team had all their players eligible to play.

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KU's Devonte' Graham tossed into early player of the year chatter

It would seem that following Frank would make it a bit more difficult. It would be a crazy boost for recruiting but would seem that Devonte would have to be even better because of an aversion by voters to give the award to players from the same school in consecutive years. Has it ever happened before? I wonder which team/players were closest?

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Jacob Bragg biggest No. 1 in Kansas football history

Disappointing that Mesa's injury sent Bragg back to the trenches.

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Too much juco recruiting could put Kansas football in deeper hole

If we're going to learn from history (vs. repeating it) we will also realize that switching coaches will also dig a hole in the roster. We lost approximately 15 players with each of the previous coaching changes resulting in us being 30 players short when Coach Beaty got here. We would likely be back almost to FCS level if the proposed changes suggested by many are implemented. I'm not sure that is in the program's best interest though recent results make that argument increasingly difficult.

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Too much juco recruiting could put Kansas football in deeper hole

Fortunately there has been a huge change in the JC recruiting. Where 50% of the JCs from the previous regime never saw the field for various reasons, the vast majority of the JCs during the last 3 years have been on campus for the spring semester and training. Some even came with 3 years of eligibility or 3 to play 2.

While few have been difference makers (Have we really had any the last 3 years?) many if not most have contributed and filled gaping holes in the roster and both lines in particular.

Definitely agree that we should not suddenly go bananas with JCs but instead continue the prudent acquisition of mature contributors. We are after all finally getting back to a full roster though still a year or 3 from a Big 12 roster. Most knew when we started that it would take years to rebuild though the last month has led many to try to forget most of the past pointy ball seasons.

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2018 point guard Devon Dotson commits to Kansas

Don't forget that we also have the pg transfers from Cal; ?Moore?

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Is the Border War back?

Would you get anyone to attend a football game? Anyone?

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Is the Border War back?

KU could sellout anything (except football) any time, any where. There is no need to taint with the likes of the slavers.

I would even venture that some would pay extra to watch an intra-squad scrimmage instead of playing them.

Stand true to your morals.

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'We had our opportunities': KU volleyball misses out on key chances in five-set loss to Texas

We get a return match in Austin? Stinks worse that it was at home.

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