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Is Texas A&M going to leave the Big 12 for the SEC?

If you don't see this happening then get better glasses! It's a DONE DEAL... bye bye B12-2..... lol On the other hand DELOUSE says: It's NINE yes NINE that's the number.. well no it's TEN yes TEN.. always liked TEN.. well ok it could be TWELVE no more than than TWELVE.. that's for sure!! You remember the Pathological Liar... Tommy Flanagan aka Jon Lovitz.... that was really DELOUSE.... yea that's the ticket!

Dodds said of the Aggies. “We’re going to look at every option we’ve got, and we’re going to end up in a good place. That’s what we do. We’re good at that.”

That statement should certainly put all the other conference members mind at rest... lol Yes... The Whorns will will wind up in a good place as the dust settles from another conference wrecked by arrogant TEXASS..... Don't worry, be happy. Reports are that the Big 12 will turn to Houston. The Cougars, not the Texans. A Houston sports columnist rejoiced at the notion and called for the league to go after SMU and TCU.

The return of the Southworst Conference? Look, they're getting the band back together.

The same group that Texas couldn't wait to get away from almost two decades ago. Anyone still believe Neb and CU were the problem? If so then take off the rose colored glasses and take a good look what's happening now! If you haven't noticed NU and CU are already gone....

You'd have to be BRAIN DEAD to want these lowlifes in your conference and I DON'T CARE how many TV sets that drag with them....

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Is Texas A&M going to leave the Big 12 for the SEC?

If they hired the best available coaches Mack Brown would already be gone... He does LESS with MORE then any coach in college football. If not for a freak of nature named Vince Young he'd still be chasing a NC! It sure wasn't coaching that beat USC that night......

Bottom line the Whorns are all about themselves and could not care less about other conference members as demonstarted years ago with the SWC. They should keep in mind it's not much of a football program without good opponents. I so hope the Whorns attempt to go independent when the B12 implodes. They DO NOT have anywhere near the national following of a ND... period! I do not see some nationwide clamor for getting the LHN either.....

Fortunately ESPN makes so much money they won't be harmed much by the folly known as the LHN. The Whorns like to pretend they are the only Texass team with TV sets in the state... they aren't! What's amazing is the applogists for the Whorns desperatly trying to make A&M the bad guy. Neb and CU both figured out what was going on and now it's ATM turn to bail. Ask yourself if you really believe those other teams would have left had Texass NOT been a conference member? Soon the Swooners will get tired of following Bevo butt around and go their own way too!

Get it through your head the B12-2 is finished the only thing TBD is exactly when it all implodes....

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Is Texas A&M going to leave the Big 12 for the SEC?

Once again TEXASS will destroy another conference! That loud sucking sound you hear are the Whorns siphoning every red cent they can get from the B12-2 before hitting the road and the B12-2 implodes. All we heard last year was how NU wrecked the party? What a freaken joke... you lie down with dogs you catch fleas.. welcome to the Whorns Network... lol... What conference would be stupid enough to let TEXASS in now? Who's dumb enough to want those ego manic's in their conference? Before this is over TEXASS will be independent and begging for opponents.... The Big 12-2 should tell them to shut it or simply kick them out. You're going to have some very unhappy folks at places like K-State and ISU when the B12-2 folds!

Thanks you Coach Osborne and Harvey from getting us out of that rats nest!! Good bye and good riddens to the Whorns.... BTW.. thanks to all the B12 lacky's that voted year after year with TEXASS thus giving them supreme rule over the conference....

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

There was a reason Dr Tom picked Pelini over TG which you all just found out. Gill will eventually field a representative team, but it's not going to be a world beater either. The man deserves 3 years to have KU playing his type of ball... then make a decision about his future.

One thing I can promise KU fans is a severe beat down from the Huskers this year. Think of it as our going away present and it will easier to watch..... lol lol lol......

Have fun and we'll be seeing you in Lincoln Nov 13th for a major trashing...

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Kansas neutralizes NU’s Suh

If you don't believe Suh is the real deal you really don't know anything about football. Watch where he's drafted in the NFL and it will tell you all you need to know. KU did a great job neutralizing him yesterday with a great offense scheme. Hats off to KU coaching staff... I don't believe the refs had much to do giving Suh an off day. He is probably the BEST defensive down lineman in the country. You don't want to believe it fine.

It was anyone's game going into the last 7 mins. NU came up big end of story. All the crap about refs is just that... on both sides. As for Texas we need to beat KSU this week. I believe that will happen because it's in Lincoln and we have more talent! KSU DOES NOT impress me at all. The Huskers are the ONLY team in the North that has ANY prayer at beating the Whorns! It's called defense and that always gives you a chance.

Hats off to KU for playing a tough hard fought game! Hawks football has come a long ways the past 7 years and I give them credit. How about a little credit to one of the best programs in the history of college football.. Nebraska! You're BB has been one of the best the past 50 years... you ARE a BB school like it or not! We are a FOOTBALL school like it or not!

The Huskers will be the dominant force in the Big 12 North for a long time now. We have the right HC and talent levels are rising now. For the record I'm a huge BB fan and live in CT and root for UCONN! I'm sure KU fans know all about UCONN basketball programs both men and women! Combined they are probably the best in the country the past 10 years! Good luck to KU and hope you can squeak into a bowl game. Keep that streak alive........... Cya next year in Lincoln...

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