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Jayhawks say 'it's all coming together' for Kansas basketball

It's amazing what removing one guy can do for the chemistry of the team. It makes me wonder how we might look if we still had Dok without Vick.

The change to having Lawson play on the perimeter more and starting McCormack may have very well saved the streak and the season and could turn out to be one of Bill Self's most iconic adjustments. This teams looks like one that has a legitimate chance to make a run in the tournament, even if we manage to drop the streak. The positive side is that's a monkey off of our back for the following years. We have a lot of very good young talent that won't be bouncing for the NBA this year, so I would expect us to again be one of the pre-season favorites next year.

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Benton Smith: Ochai Agbaji invigorating lineup as KU recalibrates on the fly

We are a better team without Azubuike clogging the paint. Yes, we won a lot of games with him but there were very few times were the offense had any flow to it. Since Agbaji dropped his red shirt we actually look like a team that wants to compete and knows how to play offense. Defensively, this team is one of the best in years. I think the ceiling on this team, even without Azubuike is higher than last year's teams solely because of the athleticism and talent we have. Regardless, there are some good young players on this team and it's exciting to think most of them will return next year.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self provides update on Udoka Azubuike's ailing right ankle

Sorry to burst your bubble but Udoka will be nothing like Embiid in the NBA, and at this point I have my doubts if he'll even get drafted. Not being negative, just being realistic about NBA bigs. Dok offers little outside of shot blocking and dunking, which won't translate well to the NBA when he is playing against real centers.

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KU football player Pooka Williams charged with domestic battery, suspended from team

Greg, in no instance should KU give a football player a second chance if indeed found guilty of hitting a woman. That's unacceptable and sets a terrible precedent for the program.

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Coming off hot summer, Wayne Selden Jr. plans to be more effective scorer

Those are strong words about him and Frank running the squad. I think everyone has come to terms with Perry being introverted and leading by example. This team has lacked a real vocal leader since 2013. Wayne, Frank, and/or Devonte could be that guy this year.

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KU football adds former Miami, Fla., D-Lineman Corey King

"A source with knowledge of the situation said it was unclear whether King would be able to work his way into a starting role right off the bat — because of both the timing of his arrival and KU coach David Beaty's desire to make guys earn everything they get"

lol... If he's good, he's gonna play.

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Jayhawks land commitment from 3-star Houston LB with several big offers

Great news, but we need about ten more of those with a couple of 4 stars lol

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Jayhawks to face Chaminade in Maui Invitational opener

If we follow up the WUG gold medal with a win in Maui, how could we not be considered one of, if not the best team in the country? A win against Michigan St. in the champions classic seems heavily possible, as well. Imagine that; heading into December undefeated with two tourny wins and a gold medal under our belts already. High hopes? Maybe, but it really seems possible with this semi-veteran tough as nails squad. Never been so excited for a season since I've been here at Kansas.

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Beaty believes in Memorial Stadium

Something tells me Beaty will be the savior of this program. His enthusiasm, respect for the players, humility, and love for the program is a rare find in a head coach. He has strong ties in recruiting, and has an assistant coach that shares the same passion as him. It may take a few years, but I think Beaty and Bowen will have the program back up to one of the best in the country.

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Column: Kansas football losing games, fans

Taking personal shots at the writer? Classy! If you don't like the articles, then why do you read them? Did you expect to see some optimism about KU football this year? I, for one, love Tom's realism. It makes reading the articles much more interesting and puts the upcoming season in perspective, rather than giving us false hope. Don't like it? Leave!

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