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Former Jayhawk Aaron Miles joins Golden State Warriors' coaching staff

I agree with you this time Joe, but hoping it's 10 years from now and Aaron is already a HC in the league!

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KU walk-on Chris Teahan taking upperclassman role seriously

I'm sorry Joe, have you been following along for the past several years? NCAA meeting a deadline is the definition of an oxymoron.

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Perry Ellis injured early, Self Made suffers lopsided loss in opening round of TBT

Thanks to all the guys for showing up and doing this. It was fun to see them all together again. Lack of rebounding was disappointing. I commented that we could tell HCBS wasn't on the sideline or an adjustment would have been made!! Prayers for Perry from CO and thanks again to these guys for giving us something to tune into during the summer..

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Comparing Frank Mason III's pro path to that of other recent college basketball players of the year

While we're dreaming up stuff in July... What if, you had a franchise in the NBA and you told your scouts to go out and get guys with skills, who can play the game. Height, wing span and leaping ability is secondary and used as tie breakers but I want guys who can shoot, handle, play defense, rebound and/or pass with great skill at all positions.

While I doubt you'd win championships, would you be in the playoffs every year with say, the guys on this list less the two superstars?

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Class of 2020 5-star guard Bryce Thompson in Lawrence for unofficial visit

Highlight reel reminds me of Cedric Hunter.

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Moving 3-point line back 1 of 4 rule changes adopted by NCAA for 2019-20 season

Gee, HCBS has the best front line he's had in years and the 3-point line is being moved...

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5-star target R.J. Hampton passes on KU to head overseas

Good luck to RJ. This looks like a good choice to me. I got to see Perry Ellis play in this league a couple of times. A 5-star will stand out athletically but the game is closer to the NBA pre-splash brothers.

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Wake Forest basketball staff adds another Jayhawk as Manning hires Walters

They also had a guy named Jerod Haas on that Cal team. Guess he was impressed with us.

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New KU forward Tristan Enaruna makes commitment to Kansas official

You mean like Ochai? I'm starting to like these '4 star' guys who stick around a couple of years.

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Jayhawk Breakdown: NBA scout sizes up Quentin Grimes' pro prospects

If you weren't buying into the NBA looking at potential over skill, then this scout should change that. Seems like a good kid but I'm not sure he should even be starting for KU let alone being drafted.

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