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IARP spokesperson says case timelines expected to be published early next week

And don't forget 'increase transparency.'

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K-State students find unique way to celebrate USC's NCAA Tournament basketball win over Kansas

Know this is a late comment but...Just when all this re-alignment stuff starts to hurt our ego as Jayhawks, there's always KSU to assure us that we still have a major impact on lives outside Lawrence!

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He Will, He Won't, He Might: 2021 — Senior forward David McCormack

Yes it is!
Matt, Hope you're right about David this year. I think you're 'Will's' are more 'Might's' but he's been such a great guy through the four years there's nobody I'd root for more. From third big going into his sophomore season to 1st team all Big12 would be awesome. Who says we can't develop big guys since Danny left?

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Report: Former KU coach Larry Brown returning to college hoops as Memphis assistant

He never ceases to amaze. I hope he over 100 when he collapses on the practice court somewhere.

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KU football to open 2021 season with back-to-back Friday night games

Can't say that I see a W anywhere on the schedule. Here's hoping!

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Now-former Jayhawk Marcus Garrett said he felt like he played with a Dream Team at KU; here's what it looks like

And what exactly are the 'couple of legit skills' you're speaking of with Q Grimes? Watched the final 4 game with them and saw the same player he was here. The aggressiveness of Wiggins without the physical gifts. i was ready to be sorry he had left but that was not the case.

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Breaking down the 2021-22 Kansas basketball roster as things stand today

My theory on Braun is he added BRAWN last year and it affected his shot. By next fall, he'll be ready to break out offensively, may be even better shooting it than he was as a Freshman.

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Marcus Garrett says goodbye to Kansas, declares for 2021 NBA draft

This is why the college game continues to draw my attention over the NBA. To see Marcus take to the pine a lot as a freshman, become a star as a Junior and THE Leader of the group as a Senior is what this is all about!
Now his reward is a lifetime of welcome in Lawrence and knowing he can stick with anything through the tough times.

I'm sure there's been others but I'm remembering John Crawford today. Saw him in HS and he literally couldn't catch the ball. By his Sr Year he led the Big 8 in field goal percentage.

Marcus, You give me faith in the next generation!

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Kansas basketball makes latest cut in Ty Ty Washington recruitment

Hmm, all Nike schools except us....

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KU hoops commitment Kyle Cuffe Jr. reclassifies into 2021 class, will join Jayhawks for 2021-22 season

Hi Matt - Question. If they enter the transfer portal, does that ALWAYS mean they're gone? Would assume most have a school in mind when they do but...

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