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Former Kansas basketball coach Roy Williams to attend Tuesday's game vs. Iowa State

Our household always thought he was the cartoon character Underdog....

Like many, it took a while for me to heal but I know Dean had a lot to do with it. I heard an interview with Coach Brown that helped back then. They asked him (I think he was in Philly at the time) if he wanted the job. He said definitely not. Then they asked him, "If coach Smith asked you to take it would you." He said, he would be there in a heartbeat.

Give him a standing O!!

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Missing Mizzou? How Kansas basketball fans coped with the absence of their border rivals during the past 9 years

Two memories to share. The fight I think was in ‘77 or ‘78. I was at the game. Noble vs Kim Anderson. Also cap fun night for Stipanovich was a classic.
Don’t just win, win by 30!!

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Danny Manning named interim head coach at Maryland

Rick Pitino anyone?

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Kansas guard Ochai Agbaji named Big 12 men's hoops player of the week

So we can beat them by 20?

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Contrasting styles of Dajuan Harris, Remy Martin on display in KU exhibition

Great article Benton.
Lots of us have probably coached youth bball at some point and I usually understand and support HCBS point of view on these matters. This is once where as a fan I just want to see Remy on the court all the time! Not sure we've had a presence at point like this since Jacque Vaughn or maybe Mario.
Reminded of the old joke about the last guy to hold MJ under 20 per game.

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IARP spokesperson says case timelines expected to be published early next week

And don't forget 'increase transparency.'

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K-State students find unique way to celebrate USC's NCAA Tournament basketball win over Kansas

Know this is a late comment but...Just when all this re-alignment stuff starts to hurt our ego as Jayhawks, there's always KSU to assure us that we still have a major impact on lives outside Lawrence!

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He Will, He Won't, He Might: 2021 — Senior forward David McCormack

Yes it is!
Matt, Hope you're right about David this year. I think you're 'Will's' are more 'Might's' but he's been such a great guy through the four years there's nobody I'd root for more. From third big going into his sophomore season to 1st team all Big12 would be awesome. Who says we can't develop big guys since Danny left?

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Report: Former KU coach Larry Brown returning to college hoops as Memphis assistant

He never ceases to amaze. I hope he over 100 when he collapses on the practice court somewhere.

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