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Former Adidas executive agrees to pay KU for his part in illegal pay-to-play scheme

Looks like Brett got into the brown liquor a little earlier than usual...

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Topeka QB Da'Vonshai Harden Jr. commits to KU football

Marky and Carky Alexander were prize recruits from the T Town! Boys were not much on the turf but definitely could hold the run on court 2 at Robinson on a Friday afternoon. Whos got next!

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Northeastern has 'more fire power' with 2 key rotation players back from injuries

We tend to make HOFers out of every halfway decent 3 point shooter. They have a bunch of better than average players who will no doubt exploit Quentin and the others who don't close out and get caught on wrong side of ball screens. Have a feeling HCBS will be doing more talking into his hand than usual during timeouts.

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Pooka Williams' prolific night not enough in KU's loss to No. 6 Oklahoma

The tenor of the vultures does change once there is no more meat left on the bone. Would love for all of you Nellies to take up a second hobby...writing eulogies. "Boy, we sure did hate him when he was alive but now that he is dead, he isnt such a bad guy after all." Maybe it helps make you feel better after the years of pounding the guy. It got Keegan a vine out of Larryville.

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Tom Keegan: Coaching change would energize fanbase

Spit ballin' here and excuse if I have stepped on another post...are we the only D1 program whose bball team out draws its football team?

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Kansas volleyball upsets No. 4 Texas


Love the vball coverage! Any chance you can put records for both total and conference...both teams? Love a one stop shop article!

Rock chalk, ladies! Well done!

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KU volleyball defeats Drake to wrap up nonconference play

About time we see some love thrown volleyball's way. Been missing the updates! Heck, even saw them play Kentucky on SEC Network a couple weeks back and thought for sure would have seen something after that low hanging fruit. Keep the photos coming, too! Not many unis better than KU volleyballers!

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Freshman CB Corione Harris 'workmanlike' in 1st career start

Nice one, Lance! The mug of Harris looks like he is missing a grill, especially with those NOLA roots...standard equipment in the 504!

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Employee of apparel company illegally paid 2 KU basketball players' guardians, federal indictment alleges

Did we get a pick of Apples with $90 large deposit slip?

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Azubuike update: Self says KU center is now a game-time decision for Thursday vs. Penn

Would have him wear #19 and come out of the tunnel as if he is Willis Reed then Devonte hangs a cool 36 and 19 on the boys from the Ivy!

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