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Jayhawks’ shooting showing progress

Don't sleep on Florida. Look at the scores on their three losses. They are close, and those are some pretty decent teams. If they don't bring it, they could have our hands full.

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Bowen, Zenger discuss what's next for Kansas football

Allow me to add my "irrational" two cents while I clear the "colseslaw" from my head. While the stats that Mr. Cramer have shown are irrefutable I sincerely hope we do not hire someone base solely on statistics again. Look at where that has gotten us. Clint has been involved in two successful eras at KU One as a player under Mason, and one as an assistant under Mangino. He know what that looks and more importantly feels like. He has these kids believing they belong on the same field with the rest of this conference. The reason he does is because he is genuine. Being the best position coach or coordiantor does not make you a good head coach. I would trade all of those statisitical categories for good leadership. I believe that is what this team needs, and I don't believe we are going to find anyone as capable or dedicated to providing it at this point in time than Clint Bowen.

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Kansas is new No. 1 in USA Today coaches poll, No. 2 in AP

Congratulations to the Jayhawks on the high marks! You are way ahead of where most people thought you would be at this point, and not even close to performing to the top of your ceiling. Who cares about the curse of being number one!? The top recruits across the country are looking at the rankings. I am much happier about the upside towards recruiting than I am worried about this "curse". Face it, this is what happens when you have a winning program! ROCK CHALK BABY!!!

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Jayhawks in the NBA

For the posters above, go to Nick's blog. You will find links to all the stats there, as well as D-League players and such. Great job of covering our alumni Nick. Thanks!

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Major expectations: Former KU golfer Gary Woodland has high hopes for PGA

From a faithful Jayhawk, and fellow Topekan I just want to say good luck Gary. You are making all of us proud. It is absolutely awesome to hear Rock Chalk during the tournament broadcasts!

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Self reflects on heated victory against Cal

Hey aloha....are you in Hawaii? Honolulu maybe? I am going to be over there for work, and the Hawks play ISU and NU while I am there. If you are in the area, where would you suggest a Kansas guy watch his Hawks in Honolulu? Suggestions from other posters welcome as well!

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California love: KU guard Reed amazed by fans on road

I live close to Lawrence and I am fortunate enough to make a few games at Allen every year, and it is still like going for the first time every time after over twenty years. I can't tell you how proud it makes me to hear stories like this, and to hear the Rock Chalk Chant through the television in other teams arenas(Oh yes, we heard you Bayhawks!). Just one more reason to count our blessing as Jayhawk Fans! RCJGCK!!!

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California love: KU guard Reed amazed by fans on road

".....cargo plane full of rubber dog *stuff* out of Hong Kong!"

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Jayhawks lucky to survive off night

That would be "won last night". Need more coffee!!!

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Jayhawks lucky to survive off night

Everyone else has hit on the negative so I am going to keep this positive this morning. Tyshawn Taylor was huge in the last five minutes! Without him stepping up offensively we lose that game. He really seems to be maturing on that side of the ball. After surfing youtube and watching some of Selby's clips I am very excited to see what happens when we add another tremendous athlete to the frontcourt.

It wasn't pretty last night, but we all know it ain't pretty every night. We have to be able to win on the ugly nights, and the Hawks found a way to do it last night. In the end, we still one our 64th straight at home! RCJGKU!!!

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