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KU coach Bill Self talks after loss to Michigan (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Congratulations, KU Men's Team, for a season that was a lot better than had been expected. I loved watching the players: Kevin Young and his enthusiasm, Jeff Withey and his contemplation, Ben McLemore with his ups and downs, etc. Elijah had a poor last game, but he, too, is a young person, being scrutinized by many of you who I think are older guys on this site, not to mention millions of TV viewers. He has had many good games, and I wish him well for his basketball future. I have no idea how the "family jewel" incident was triggered. He probably doesn't know either. Looking forward to the KU Women's game tomorrow. They'll need to be dragonslayers to win tomorrow morning. Tune in to ESPN. Win or lose, I'll always be a fan. Happy Easter to everyone.

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KU women upset fifth-seeded Colorado, 67-52, in first game of NCAA Tournament

Great work, ladies. Monica Engelman, I love your persistence and enthusiasm. Good luck to you and your teammates on Monday. We'd love to see you back at the Sweet 16. Btw: I hope none of this will be a job saver.

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Offbeat Occupations: Volunteer scores unique vantage point to KU athletic events

I love watching Robbie, Madi, and the other volunteers who keep the coaches, players, and fans informed. Robbie and Madi have been consistent and upbeat for the 25+ years I have known them, and I am grateful for their service. I have one question: Is it the rule to not pay these people? After all, I can't count the hours they are spending on these jobs. Looking forward to continue seeing all of you out there. For me, you are part of the game.

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Kansas volleyball wins NCAA opener

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 6:30pm in Allen Field House. Game against Wichita State. Congratulations to Coach Bechard, his colleagues on the bench, and the players. One more time tomorrow. We believe in you.

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

Great job, ladies. I am especially happy for Aisha. She deserves the payoff for her hard work the previous three years. She and her teammates are winners, no matter what happens next. Good luck in Des Moines.

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KU track earns national awards

Congratulations to the milestone achievement for our women. I hope they will get similar recognition as our basketball teams. Great job.

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Mays’ late layup lifts KU women past Wake

Keena, keep it up. Thanks.

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KU women's basketball opens with 76-64 victory over Western Michigan

Congratulations, players. I am glad you pulled this one out. Keena, hope you will get in next time. Whatever the dynamics, sounds like Aisha in her 1st and 2nd years. Wish the coach understood and knew how to motivate her young players.

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KU women top Colorado, 71-45, advance to play top-seeded Baylor on Wednesday

It does not show on the stats sheet, but Aisha and Keena made the difference and helped get the distance after some tight minutes at the start of the second half. Go Hawks!

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Iowa State women's basketball stomps KU, 72-36

I wish with all my heart that the current players will see some success between now and the end of the Big 12 Championship. After that, a change should occur. May I suggest Kevin Cook, who was a great recruiter under Coach Washington, and now is head coach - after coaching in the WNBA - at Gallaudet University in D.C. I believe they are in Div. II. He has coached these women into top contention, even though they are hearing impared and he is fighting Parkinsons. Go Hawks!

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