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Busy recruiting weekend ahead for Les Miles and KU football staff

I know this is "out of this world thinking" ..... But, you go 3-0 in non-con......... We need 6 wins. That would be unbelievable,....... Bowl game unbelievable....... and....... I think he can do it. ......... He's doing all of the right things, the right way.

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Bill Self: Last 5 seasons at Kansas have been more special because of my son

You are correct Steve. Bob Allen I know played for Doc.

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‘Anything is possible!’: Jayhawks, college basketball world react to KU’s wild rally and OT win

Hey Gottlieb .................. total personal fouls. KU - 27. WVU - 31. Is 4 personal fouls really that big of a difference? I think not. Chode.

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2017 PF Billy Preston picks Kansas

Welcome to the Family Mr. Preston. Congrats on your decision & we look forward to watching you next year in a Kansas uniform.

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Blue chip recruit Brannen Greene picks KU

I like the fact that 1-3 on the court in 2 years will be able to fill it up from the outside. Also, alot of parts and depth. when Frankamp is your 2nd or 3rd guy off the bench, you are doing something right. All of these kids are scoring machines, it's just a matter of who plays D.

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Naadir Tharpe commits to KU men's basketball team


Welcome to the Jayhawk family, and congrats on making one of the toughest decisions of your life a wise one. We look forward to seeing you play at the grand ol' girl we call Allen Fieldhouse in the near future. We welcome you with open arms into our community and know you will represent our fine university, basketball team, and state well. We look forward to seeing you soon. Again, congrats and welcome aboard young man.

Very Respectfully,
A Jayhawk Lifer

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Robinson follows money to Spain

TAX FREE mind you. Sure makes 200K look like a lot more money

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Kansas Board of Regents reaches out to Nebraska, Missouri

The word in Kansas City this afternoon is that Missouri ISN'T going to get an invite to the Big 10. Nebraska on the other hand is another story. From what I have heard, if Nebraska leaves, then the Big 12 "South" ........ all members ........ will leave for the Pac-10, Because ........... once Nebraska leaves ............ they don't have to pay any of the remaining institutions anything, ........ nothing, not a dime. It's a clause in the Big 12 agreement (written in Texas mind you) that basically, once a Big 12 "North" team leaves, all bets are off.

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It's official: Turner Gill announced as KU's next football coach

Let's let the guy at least have a year and see what he does before we start saying how horrible of a hire he is. Good luck Coach & welcome to Lawrence.

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KU will fire a cannon when Jayhawks score this weekend against Duke

MU doesn't have a 75mm Howitzer though. Cool for a game, maybe a few if it's a BIG game, but not every game.

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