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Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby discusses necessary steps for football and fans this fall

IIRC, the NCAA said that they wouldn't allow competitions until the general students are allowed back on campus, so if students wouldn't be back till January, the whole fall semester schedule would be without sports. No football, and maybe fewer BB games.

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Portion of NCAA report indicates a third KU basketball player was connected to improper payments

KU was just an hour away from the NCAA when they were headquartered in KC. There was a lot of speculation that whenever the NCAA wanted to go digging for dirt, it was easy and cheap for their investigators to make the one hour trip to Lawrence and back on the same day instead of a multiple day trip getting to other locations, so KU was always one of the first targeted. Whether that has any basis in fact, I saw numerous reports like that in the 70's and 80's when KU would have their national title undefended in BB or other infraction, yet OU and other "premier" programs wouldn't even be investigated.

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KU administrators, Self, Miles and Long to take 6-month pay cut amid COVID-19 pandemic

I think the amounts are also skewed because of the two sources of funding, with both public and private funding. The amount the athletic department gives back to the University isn't going to include any pay cut they take from the private funds - those would need to stay private and the public funds are what the University can re-purpose to non-athletic (or athletic purposes).

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17 years ago today, Bill Self was introduced as the next Kansas basketball coach

I remember one of the columnists (Chuck Woodling?) for the Journal World writing when the position first came open that there was only one coach to go after and that was Bill Self, because Bill had been at KU and because Bill Self's Illinois team was built to win and had demonstrated it in manhandling Roy's KU team in the NCAA's. I didn't really know Bill Self at the time, but I remembered that column and so I was glad that KU apparently paid attention. If you can't beat them, hire them!

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In new collaborative video, KU men's basketball team shows its appreciation for front-line workers in the fight against COVID-19

Very nice to see this message. Whoever is helping the Jayhawk players to do community service also deserves a shout out - our players know by the end of their time at KU that it's not just playing basketball - it's being part of a team, a University and a community.

Now we do need someone to help our players understand some of the basics about making selfies, like don't rock back and forth, speak clearly and talk to the camera. Or would that be an impermissible benefit by having someone who's a media staffer helping coach players?

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KU's Udoka Azubuike named NABC Defensive Player of the Year

Nice thought, but the NCAA didn't give that extra year to winter sports like BB and hockey. Just to teams that basically lost their whole season.

I don't think Dok would come back anyway. Yes, he could work on extending his range, but I think he's as hot as he's going to get after all the awards this year. Time for him to go test the draft at the very least (again).

Dotson still might come back, but he's probably gone as well. The one major reason I could see him go for a third year would be if the NBA told him he needs something else for his game, like a better 3 point shot. He might also want to pursue the post season since he's only 1-1 in the tourney at this point. I just don't see that, and KU has very good players coming in next year. KU also might face a punishment handed down by the NCAA and that could make a postseason not happen again next year. No, I think the surer outcome would be Dotson and Dok going pro and KU having to have the next guys up.

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Why didn't KU have a 1st-team AP All-American? It's complicated

Did Dok set the record for career average in shots made?

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March Sadness reigns supreme with cancellation of NCAA Tournament

I would doubt it - players aren't even practicing or if they are, it's probably pickup games without coaches. It's supposed to be all athletic activity - KU's spring football training is cancelled. So I wouldn't think they'd pick it up in mid-April and be ready to play games even with a week or two warning/heads up. Had they said "suspended" instead of "cancelled", schools might still be practicing, while hoping for resumption. The NCAA said "cancelled", so I don't think there's any way to gear up again. Some schools have even sent students home so they're not clustered together in large classes or dormitories, so that makes things even tougher to get back together.

Just declare KU the #1 team at the end of the regular season, print a special banner, and plan ahead to 2020-2021, while hoping even that gets figured out.

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Talk of Kansas basketball hanging a 2020 national championship banner seems tacky

Matt - since you feel this way, does this mean that you don't think KU's (and the other 67 teams') streak of being in the tourney is still alive, since the tourney didn't have any teams this year? Do you think that Virginia will be the defending champion next year (provided, knock, knock, we have a tourney next year)?

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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

Last year there was a flu vaccine for people to be able to protect themselves. There is no vaccine (yet) for this Corona virus, so nobody has protection. We don't know how many might get sick from this, but all indications are that it is deadlier than the regular flu (estimates are 7-10x) and it tends to strike those who are older and more vulnerable to diseases but people are contagious before they even know they're infected, so after the game, when they are in a restaurant, shopping or visiting relatives, they're spreading the virus to people who didn't go to the games. Maybe this is an overreaction, but we'll know in time. We don't know now, so postponing these large gatherings is the responsible thing to do.

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