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'Unreal': Freshman RB Pooka Williams ignites rare KU football road win

I'm torn, I'm glad they won but it means Beatty gets one more week. And if we beat Rutgers he may get the rest of the season. I am puling for the players. I think this run first metality will pay off. I hope Pooka Williams stays healthy.

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Tom Keegan: Les Miles has 30-year connection to Kansas

Seriously Keegan needs to quit taking long lunches at the Free State. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if we're gonna higher Miles we may have well kept Charlie Tuna. Our next coache should be Jim Leonhard.

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Joe Dineen tops ratings in 26-23 loss to Nicholls State

where is the Comeback Kid Daylon Charlot? what a joke this Great Recruiter turned out to be.

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Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State

If Beatty still has a job on Monday I'll be shocked. The Great Recruiter my ass. Pathetic

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KU football MVP Countdown: No. 16, Daylon Charlot

Ya see, this is why i question Beatty's intelligence. why not say last season, this kid is hurt? he had the entirety of Jayhawk Nation thinking the worst of him. And then to move him to safety? Why not say, we ned help at safety and we think he's enough of an athlete to play the postition and he's such a eam first guy he happily moved? Who does it serve to be all Belichik about it?

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'Group of Five' countdown, No. 3: Lane Kiffin, Florida Atlantic

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha- seriously Keegan you gotta quit having lunch at the Freestate!

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'Group of Five' countdown: 10 'Power Five'-ready coaches — No. 10: Blake Anderson, Arkansas State

Les Miles would be a terrible hire. If we're gonna do that we should have kept Charlie Tuna. We need a young guy like Glen Mason or Scott Frost or jim Leonhard. Recycling losers got us where we are. And yes, Miles did win a national title but he underacheived. Enough with Miles, or Pelini or some other horrible hire.

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Tom Keegan: Next football hire will determine new AD Jeff Long's KU legacy

Brady Hoke?!? Les Miles?!? Venables? are you all insane? Hoke and Miles would be awful hires, and Venbales may be an able coach but he grew up in Manhattan and played at KState! We had a chance to hire Doeren and went with this joker instead. The last time we hired a guy from a mid major in Big10 country he had a pretty good run, recruiting guys like Dana Stubblefield and Gilbert Brown and winning with Chip Hileary at QB. Why not hire a young guy like Doeren? It worked before.

Ed Warriner would be a good hire too. But I think Jim Leonhard would be the best hire. He's in his early 30s and running one of the best defenses in he country at Wisconsin. He's saavy and smart and could be a tremendous recruiter.

But enough with the Les Miles/Brady Hoke/ Jim HArbaugh lunacy. Lets get real. If we're gonna hire one of those guys we may have well just kept Charlie Tuna.

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Lagerald Vick to return to Kansas for senior season

Wow. there is only one ball. Who redshirts? Who transfers? Who starts? Is Self gonna spend the non conference season playing with lineups? Will they be able to develop chemistry? While its nice to have an athlete of this caliber, it does complicate things, Who starts at the point? Does Garret become a "program guy"? This may not be good news. But lordy, what a loaded team!

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Tom Keegan: Kansas banking on three blockers from same juco to upgrade offensive line

So Beatty is saying in so many words the guys I recruited out of high school who have been in my program for 3-4 years aren't winners and I need a bunch of guys who weren't good enough for Div I and finished 2nd to teach my guys how to win. No wonder this dude has won 3 games in three years. he was hired because he's a master recruiter who could get Texas talent. But he admitted to a Juco coach his recruits aren't winners. What an insult to the Mike Lees and Joe Dineens of the world. This joke should have been fired long ago.

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