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Shane Jackson: With nothing to lose, Beaty should take more chances against OU

Kansas was unable to call a timeout after using all three at inopportune times in the first half. The first one was used when quarterback Peyton Bender tried to audible with the play clock winding down on third down late in the first quarter from the team’s 40-yard line.

The second timeout was also used on third down, this time with eight minutes remaining in the second quarter and on the opponent's 18-yard line. The final timeout, however, was burned on first down on the opposition’s 13-yard line following a roughing the kicker penalty by Kansas State.

As a result, KU did not have a single timeout during its six-play drive that ended near midfield at the half.

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Shane Jackson: With nothing to lose, Beaty should take more chances against OU

Instead of either scenario, the Jayhawks let the clock run out after some miscommunication.
In year 4.
And he didn't know the kickoff rule!

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Pick Kansas football's next head coach from a 32-candidate bracket

Mike Locksly? Hell no. I live in Albuquerque, and if you thought what Weiss did to us was bad what Locksley did to UNM was even worse. Doeren or Jim Leonhard.

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Tom Keegan: Does Kansas have a clean basketball program?

Jayhawk Nation has been in denial for a looong time. It was only a matter of time until the truth came out. No elite program is clean.

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Tom Keegan: Can West Virginia stop Khalil Herbert this time?

The question is will Bonehead give him more than 2 carries?

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Kansas offense reverts to past in 26-7 loss to Baylor in Big 12 opener

How good are the Jayhawks? good enough to whip teams that are significantly worse than us, but still not a Big 12 team. Once again overmatched and under prepared. Just in put In carter Stanley and be done with it.

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Pooka Williams tops ratings in rout over Rutgers

Good to see Daylon Charlot's breakout season is on track!

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KU's Kerr Johnson Jr. a WR 'you better pay attention to'

Daylon Charlot?

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Pooka Williams leads ratings in shelling at Central Michigan

Good to see Daylon Charlot's breakout season is off to a roaring start! 1 catch for 8 yards.

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