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Schedule announced for KU's USA National Team

I read previously that all of USA's games will be televised on ESPNU. **UPDATE** Espn states it will be televising some 115 events, including our basketball games, between ESPNU and ESPN3.

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Sporting News moves Jayhawks to No. 1 spot in preseason Top 25

Plus we may still get 1 more recruit, which will only muddy the waters even more. Either way, the team will be deep, and more experienced this year, so I see no reason, with how other teams' recruiting went, for the Jayhawks to be at least a top 3 team heading into the season.

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Sporting News moves Jayhawks to No. 1 spot in preseason Top 25

I definitely agree with that lineup. Problem is we know how unlikely it is for Self to actually use a 10 man rotation. He sort of had one going last year, but you can assume if he is going 10 deep, it'll be either really good with 10 players contributing regularly, or bad, with no set rotation and the need for guys 9-10 or even 11 to come in. I also think red shirt senior Mickelson can play his way into the rotation, so Traylor and Lucas will need to step it up, or they could see their minutes diminish.

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Morris twins plead not guilty to assault

This isn't cool, but at the same time, they are still Jayhawks, and you have to be impressed by what they've done ON the court. Now they just need to get their heads straight and make sure not to ruin it with things like this OFF the court.

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ISU seen as strong challenger to Kansas

In all fairness, we've been thinking that for a while now, yet Fred has has a knack for bringing in just a couple decent recruits and making them mesh with good transferees. Babb, White, Lucious, Kane, McKay, Nader, etc... when you're getting transfers who compete for you, you really don't have to rely on recruiting quite as much. But he did recruit Niang and Ejim and a few others, so I think he'll be fine.

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Column: Addition makes Kansas Final Four contender

I would think not, at least not initially. He said he'll have a chance to earn PT right away, and we can all assume he'll get PT. I'm just not sure it won't be off the bench at least until he's proven to Self that he's starter material.

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Recruiting target Diallo sets Twitterverse abuzz

If he hadn't been rated a top 15 recruit, I wonder if you'd still think that. He looked great during the B12 tournament, and at various times throughout the year. He's had trouble finishing at the rim, but has shot it decently from beyond the arc, and more importantly, played excellent defense and became and excellent passer. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table in his junior campaign!

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Recruiting target Diallo sets Twitterverse abuzz

Stewart sort of was before his injury, but you still make a very valid point.

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KU’s Self boasts about newest recruit

In all fairness, Wiggins, Embiid, Xavier Henry and even Oubre, were all pretty good contributors. The only reason they are less "great" is because they were only here to contribute for 1 season. Of course we all love the 3 and 4 year guys whose impact increases with each season, but let's not pretend that at least some of those OAD's haven't played their part.

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KU's pool play competitors for World University Games announced

Our group is tough! Counting the US, group D has Serbia and Turkey who both have decent basketball traditions going on, while no other group even has 2 such teams... Grrr

Oh well, it will be awesome to have televised KU (USA) games this summer and I look forward to seeing how we compete. It will also be interesting to see who ends up playing the 3 with Svi and Greene not able to participate, but I'm sure Bragg and Perry can take the 3 at times and possibly another recruit or fill-in.

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