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What's next for KU with R.J. Hampton now off the board?

Let's just hope that if we do end up with both Dotson and Grimes back, that they both make huge strides in their 3 point shooting, along with Agbaji, a la Mason and Svee following their mediocre 3pt shooting freshman campaigns. Throw in Garrett whose shot is unconventional, but his % improved during the year, and Enaruna, who could surprise us and be a good person to kick out to from the inside, and we might just be ok.

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Exploring the idea of Big 12 expansion

Just a few years ago, before either played in the FB Nat'l Title game, Florida St. and Clemson were both open to joining the B12 (or so some insiders have stated). It's ludicrous that the B12 did not attempt to make that happen! Both would have brought good new TV markets and both have had a lot of success since then. Epic ball drop on the part of the B12, especially after letting Louisville go to the ACC, after they expressed interest in joining the B12.

Just think about it, the B12 could have had a 14 team league now with our current 10, plus Florida St., Clemson, Louisville and either Cincinnati or Memphis. Then to get to 16, we'd simply take the other of those 2, along with their choice of BYU, Houston, UCONN, Air Force, South Florida, Central Florida or Colorado St. It's likely that had we poached FSU and Clemson (along with getting Louisville before they did) that the ACC would have accepted Cincinnati and UCONN already, meaning to get to 16, the B12 probably would have taken Memphis, and 2 others out of Houston, BYU, Air Force, SFU, CFU and CSU. Any of those circumstances could have led to a huge TV network, etc, that would have brought stability and large TV deals to the B12... sigh.

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Jayhawks predicted to extend Big 12 title streak

I find it interesting that they say Perry has no range... and here, I thought he was pretty good with mid-range shots, and not a bad 3 shooter for his size, and both of those aspects of his game could still improve. I do like seeing Svi make that list though. I'm very excited to see what he brings to the table this year!

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Jayhawks honored to win gold at World University Games

The WUG was filled with talented players that play for professional clubs across Europe and other places. The Serbian, Lithuanian, Russian and Turkish teams were not 2nd or 3rd rate... that's how I'm going to view this at least. They may have been missing a player or two each, but so were we, and we filled those spots with next in line type guys. It all evened out as far as I'm concerned.

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Column: U.S. 'next plays' its way to victory

I don't agree with the competition in Gwanju being sub-par. I know for sure that the teams fielded by Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania and Russia were all very talented, and based on the way the gold medal game went down, I assume the German squad is as well.

I'm not saying any of them are on par with what we'll see from ISU, Baylor or in the Champions Classic or other early season tournament, but they are definitely good squads with talented players, and while USA went undefeated in Gwanju, they were challenged by a number of those teams, including Brazil as well. To come home undefeated with gold medals is a HUGE accomplishment and should not be undermined at all!

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Survive and advance: USA secures quarterfinals berth by edging Serbia

Will it? I mean look who the other top teams are... Canada, who we already topped twice, albeit in fairly competitive games. Outside of that you have Germany, France and Russia, and I'm not sure any of those teams are going to have what it takes to beat us. While I do agree that we need more consistent shooting, I have a really good feeling about this tournament!
*One last note, if Russia destroys Canada, then maybe we'll have reason for concern from them, but that's about the only team that I'm worried about, and if Canada beats them, it will erase that worry real quick.

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Devonté Graham injures quad, will miss World University Games

Man that's disappointing. I'm ticketed and ready for the 2 games at Sprint Center and it's a let down he won't be involved. Also, it's a little late to grab someone else and try to get them acclimated to our system before the trip over-seas. Either way, get better Graham and come ready this Fall.

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World Games loom soon

This team is loaded from top to bottom! Of course I say that in most years, but really, this is a well rounded team. I do wish they were a little more top-heavy perhaps, and everyone wishes we had a dominant center, but I really feel better heading into this season than I have for several years!

We have a perfect mix of good upper-classmen, and there's no reason to think this won't be the best season yet for Ellis, Traylor, Selden, Lucas and Mason. I expect big sophomore campaigns from Graham and Svi, and it just feels like the freshmen Diallo, Bragg and Vick are going to really mesh with the upper-classmen and each bring something to the table. I can not wait to see the full squad in action this fall! The wildcards are Greene, who I would also expect to have his best season yet, but with his injury, he's a little less of a lock, and Mickelson, who I would think could be a major contributor and defender, but may have too much talent around him to make a huge impact. If one or both of them have productive seasons and the rest of the team is what we think they'll be, watch out!

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Schedule announced for KU's USA National Team

Just got my tickets to the two exhibition games vs Canada at the Sprint Center. I'm so pumped! I've been a die-hard fan for many years, but have only seen KU play once, back in '04 (not counting Legends of the Phog that I attended). While they are exhibition games, I'm still greatly looking forward to going! I wonder if Svi and Diallo will play in those (my guess is no).

Anyways, I hope I get to witness something special. I don't think it will be like the OSU game in '04 when we stormed back after being down quite a bit to beat the higher ranked OSU, while Simien had 20 pts and 20 reb, but it will still be awesome!

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Schedule announced for KU's USA National Team

They will be televised on ESPNU and ESPN3, per ESPN website.

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