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Kansas a popular pick at No. 1 in Way-Too-Early Top 25 rankings for 2018-19

I wouldn't call losing in the final four an "early tournament exit".

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Having fun and getting crazy with a few potential 2018-19 KU basketball lineups

I really don't think Garrett is a starter unless he can drastically improve his shot, which I don't see happening. He is more of a situational type player imo. Someone you bring in when you want to lock someone down on defense (kind of like Booth from Villanova). He's just too big of a liability on offense to be a starter. We won't have the luxury of having three guards who can score 20+ points in any game on the court with Garrett to carry his weight on offense this year. I think K.J. Lawson will start over Garrett if we don't get Langford and Vick leaves. I also think Charlie Moore will start over Dotson and Sam Cunliffe will transfer. I also wonder if Lightfoot will redshirt this year.

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Game day breakdown: No. 11 KU basketball at Texas

Probably a mixture of Svi and Vick, which does not bode well for us. Vick is too short and thin to guard a 6'9 245 pd talented forward and Svi sucks on defense.

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Game day breakdown: No. 11 KU basketball at Texas

"I mean Texas has issues scoring the ball." Yeah but so do their opponents when they play Texas. They may only shoot 27.8% from the 3-pt line but they've also held their opponents to 28.2%. They've held their opponents 2-pt % to 42.8% while making 55.4% of their 2-pointers. And this is while playing a tougher schedule than KU has to this point. I think this is going to be a tougher game than many KU fans believe. And that's coming from a KU fan. Kenpom gives KU a 56% chance of winning this game.

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Arizona State transfer Sam Cunliffe picks Kansas

I wouldn't count on Graham and Svi returning next year. It certainly doesn't seem like Bill Self thinks they will return and they are both currently projected to go early in the second round of the NBA draft. I also think Bill Self views Newman as more of a SG that can occasionally play a few minutes at PG if needed. That's why he is desperately trying to sign a PG (hopefully Trae Young) that can start for us right out of the gate.

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