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Guarding Graham no easy task for Seton Hall or anyone else who has tried it

my biggest takeaway is we no longer have to live in fear every year we get a 1 seed that this will happen to Kansas. It may happen, but we will never be the one that happened first.

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No. 1 seed Jayhawks eliminate potential March Cinderella Penn

Silvio got schooled on D by Penn every time.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas up to challenge of playing in toughest region

interior defense and rebounding. even with Doke he struggles to defend down low without picking up fouls.

that being said i like our draw. so we have to beat MSU or Duke, i think the boys will be up to it.

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Devonte’ Graham talks about KU’s 14th straight Big 12 title

you could tell how bad Devonte wanted to win the big12. it was fun to watch. As Self said, i'm proud of him and Svi. Svi may not be the prettiest when he puts it on the floor but his and Devonte's improvement year over has just been a joy and what college basketball is about.

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Josh Jackson's mother, Apples Jones, denies accepting payments from agent

seems like the ncaa has no ability to regulate their multi-billion dollar business. perhaps this will lead to the death penalty for the ncaa and some sort of compensation for players.

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All eyes on Keenan Evans' toe heading into Big 12 Game of the Year between Kansas, Texas Tech

nope. the sentence is fine. the game was in the past and it was a loss so it works just fine. granted, using the word 'lose' as a verb and a noun in the same sentence is odd.

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Devonte' Graham now all alone in 2nd place on KU's all-time 3-point list

the boschee years sucked but he was fun to watch and even more fun to play as in the video game. I think we had an entire season where our only offense was for him to bring it down and shoot a 3.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 104, Oklahoma 74

don't get cocky. this isn't the same ou team mentally from a few weeks ago.

It was great to see De Sousa get some confidence and Doke's reaction and the fan excitement for him was amazing.

I feel like Lightfoot get's no credit. He's a liability defending high ball screens and gets a bit manhandled by other bigs but he always hustles, is great cutting to the basket off pick and rolls and he can he defend the rim pretty well.

Newman is really starting to show why he was so hyped. He tended to get the ball stuck in his hands earlier this season but now that he's comfortable in the system he's really starting to play well. you can tell he can get a shot any time he wants also. I think i'd want the ball in his hands if needed at the end of a game. Graham is great but he tends to be predictable in that situation and never gets a good look.

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FBI probe of college basketball back in the news

really, that's how you'd like to overtake kentucky? that's a cowards move.

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