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More Frank Mason III could be prescription for Sacramento success

Not having been an NBA fan in decades, I've never really transitioned to watch KU players in the NBA but i might just have to start following the Kings. Go Frank!

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National reaction to KU's loss to Washington somewhat mixed

everyone needs to calm down. we always lose at the sprint center because we never show up with any energy. i wonder if Self does this on purpose. This team will be fine and i still think they can beat any team in the country with their A game.


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'It was pretty bad': Jayhawks pounded against TCU, produce 21 yards on offense

we have reached the bottom of the national embarrassment barrel. How many coaches have we gone through in the last decade now, I don't think changing again is going to help.

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Analysis: Understanding the legal case building against the college basketball world

pay the players 50% of all merchandise sales with their likeness, problem solved. A lot of these kids come from bad situations where money is needed asap and basketball (or another sport) is their eventual ticket and it's hard to expect them to turn down money being offered to them in the short term.

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The Beat Goes On: Kansas' road losing streak continues in loss at Ohio

getting kind of old being the laughing stock of NCAA football every year. I don't think getting rid of Zenger is going to change that.

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In search of answer at backup point guard, Wizards should look to Frank Mason

since the only tie i have to the nba is listening to Tony on the TK podcast, which is mostly about the wizards, this would be the best case scenario for me as a fan. TK doesn't think too highly of Mr. Oubre, I know that.

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New KU forward Jack Whitman eager to test skills at Kansas

the battle for transfers is starting to exceed the battle for recruits.

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KU junior Svi Mykhailiuk awaiting word on NBA combine invitation

I don't think he can guard the 4 spot.

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KU's Devonte' Graham said decision to return came down to 'unfinished business'

i've been saying for awhile now how weird it is. makes me hang on to the dream that he might return though we all know he wont.

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