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Let the (preseason) games begin

No...he didn't get drafted. Can't defend and has no muscle. Doesn't matter if you can put points on the board if you can't stop your man from scoring on YOU.

Last I heard he was playing in Italy, but if there hadn't been a lockout, he would have likely made a practice squad...

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Nebraska prep DE commits to Kansas

McCook is my hometown. This kid is a friend of my niece!! I hear he is a hard worker!

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

Darnell traded for Chalmers?!?!?! WOW!!

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

True...I guess he butted heads with Skiles and Boylan... maybe we will get along great with (gulp) Del Negro...speaking of which...what do you think of that hiring, Greene?? Seems like a stretch to me...

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

Duhon is a free agent and has said he is walking

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

oops and I forgot to mention Sefolosha! they would be loaded!!

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

FIRST GAME:I draft Derrick Rose. Then trade Ben Gordon and Andres Nocioni for Andrei Kirilenko. (Nocioni, Deng, Hughes, and Hinrich will NEVER be able to play together...too much of a logjam. Trade Nocioni cuz he is in a contract year and has gotten the shaft from Chicago thus far.)PG - Rose/HinrichSG - Hinrich/HughesSF - Deng/KirilenkoPF - Kirilenko/Gooden/ThomasC - Noah/Goodensounds pretty good to me!!SECOND GAME: PG - RoseSG - OJ MayoSF - RushPF - BeasleyC - Brook Lopezstyle: run and gun, baby!!BENCH: Chalmers, CD-R, and NATHAN JAWAII!! The Big Daddy from Down Under!!!

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

By the way, Greene, I agree about the 2000 NBA Draft. That has my vote for the worst draft in the history of the NBA Lottery.But it is worth mentioning that Kenyon Martin and Mike Miller are in there. Especially since after those two, there is literally no!I think this draft class will be very good. 3-5 All-Stars in the making!

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'Hawks in the NBA: Live on Draft Day 2008

I love that "'Hawks in the NBA" logo! here are my Jayhawk draft predictions:Brandon Rush: #9 - BobcatsM.J. and Larry Brown are under pressure to make a good pick. Rush is the consensus "safest pick" in the draft. He is already in NBA shape and could easily be the missing piece to get the 'Cats into the playoffs. If Brook Lopez, Kevin Love, or Eric Gordon falls to this spot, expect the 'Cats to take one of them. Rush would slip to Portland at 13 or Phoenix at 15.Darrell Arthur: #11 - PacersWithout a doubt, the Pacers will try to draft Arthur or Anthony Randolph in this draft (since they traded Jermaine O'Neal). If Randolph is still there at this pick, I think they might take him (mistake). If that happens, Arthur slips to 13, 14, or 16. (Portland, Golden State, or Philadelphia)Mario Chalmers: #18 - WizardsGilbert Arenas is a free agent who is contemplating leaving the team. (he also said publicly that if they don't re-sign Antawn Jamison, he will walk). Chalmers would be a safe pick because even if Gilbert comes back, Chalmers could spare him off the bench and Antonio Daniels can slide back over to the SG position. If the Wizards pass, I'm thinking Cleveland with the very next pick. (another rumor I like is Chalmers possibly going to Phoenix at 15...the heir to Steve Nash, perhaps?)Sasha Kaun: Portland or Seattle - late 2nd roundPortland has 5 picks. Seattle has 6. No other two teams could afford to draft Sasha and wait for him. Expect him to go at #50, 55, or 56.Darnell Jackson & Russell Robinson: UndraftedHowever, these guys are tough! Expect them both to be on an NBA roster at some time next season.

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Missouri lawmaker wants open season on Jayhawks

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