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Notebook: Bill Self says team 'fortunate' to have three-game NCAA win streak over UNC

I would have been much more nervous for VCU. We could have had 30 turnovers against them!

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Notebook: Rio Adams shines late; Sherron Collins, Alex Smith attend game

Everyone is jumping on Rio as not being a team player. He was in for the last 5 minutes, mostly with the end of the bench walk-ons. That is not the same as playing the rest of the game. If it was Tyler Self throwing up those shots everyone would be cheering for him and wanting him to throw up more, even if they weren't close to going in. If Rio starts chucking up shots during meaningful minutes and is being a "me first" players, then go ahead and bash him. But to bash him for what he did during the last 5 minutes of scrub time in a blow-out is ridiculous. Hopefully, Rio will stay and be a team player while contributing major minutes next year. I think he can bring a lot to this team, especially how young our guards will be.

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Former Kansas guard Sherron Collins watches from the stands during the second half of the second rou

I guess you have forgotten about the steal he made in '08

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Bill Self: Landen Lucas will ‘be a load’

I think you need to brush up on your ability to see sarcasm in one's post!

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Notebook: Kevin Young delivers one-liners in speech; top recruit Andrew Wiggins visits

Every Man a Woman? Or is that just the craphatten word for jealous?

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

Even though everyone was smaller, I thought he at least took a step forward. He hit some shots (which will be big when he's in with Withey, brings a dimension that Young can't bring) and went after some rebounds.

Don't get me wrong, he still has a lot of work to do (finishing around the rim and going hard after every rebound), but he did show some promise. Hopefully this performance will increase his confidence from here on out.

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

A dunk during the course of the game or with more time is not bad sportsmanship. A dunk with 4 seconds left and the outcome decided when you can just dribble out the time is bad sportsmanship.

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

Dunk was still not okay. And if comparing it to Smart's flip, then KU shouldn't be doing things like that if they are going to make mention of when it happens to them. Win with class and act like you have been there before.

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