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KU football interim HC countdown: No. 5, Cassius Sendish

How old is Sendish? 25? He seems like a great guy, but how is he not at the bottom of this list? I feel like Tom forgot about him when he started these rankings, and realized his mistake during the hiatus.

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KU football interim HC countdown: No. 6, Tony Hull

I think the logic of giving Hull the interim tag is not that he would be the best in that role. It's that it would delay him from looking at other opportunities long enough for the next head coach to have a chance at retaining him.

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New KU deal with ESPN+ means Jayhawk TV Network will be available nationwide without blackouts

As of now the KU schedule on has the Nicholls St game listed as available on ESPN3. It could just be out of date, but hopefully it means the Jayhawk Network games are still free for out of state people.

The KU-Central Michigan game is on ESPN+, but that is not a Jayhawk Network game. It looks maybe some of our football games that would've been on Fox Sports Midwest in the past will now be on ESPN+.

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Potential AD candidates starting to get crossed off of KU's list

Not uncommon for candidates to take themselves out of the running if they know they are not going to get it.

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KU didn't produce written report of recent examination of athletic department; chancellor saw no need for external report

The FBI has vastly more investigative power than an internal KU investigation. KU can't subpoena people, use wiretaps, strike plea deals, or raid offices. The FBI does. KU has some ability to require documents and testimony from its own employees and athletes, but absolutely zero authority over Adidas, guardians, etc.

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Breaking down KU center Udoka Azubuike's chances in the NBA Draft

Most of the European leagues have bought into the versatile center model even more than the NBA. Maybe he can play with Perry in Australia.

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Could KU freshman Silvio De Sousa's situation become Billy Preston Part II?

The reality is 1) there is no indication that the FBI investigation is close to wrapping up, 2) Gatto and his attorneys have every incentive to dig up evidence that KU was aware of the payments, 3) KU found a reason to hold Preston out in the 5 weeks between the initial FBI press conference and the Kentucky game, and 4) that reason was a single-car accident that never showed up in police reports. I still give KU the benefit of the doubt, but it really isn't that far-fetched to think the car accident was some sort of coverup.

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Father of KU's Lawson brothers talks Memphis return

If you read the full context there's nothing to see here. The co-host completely led him into speculating about it, it's not something he brought up on his own.

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Could KU freshman Silvio De Sousa's situation become Billy Preston Part II?

I'm not saying I believe this story. I'm saying this is the worst case scenario.

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