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Danny Manning dismissed by Wake Forest

He did well at Tulsa, so I suspect he will be in demand as a head coach at the mid major level. But I certainly wouldn't mind parting ways with Kurtis Townsend and replacing him with Danny. It is possible that Self will be hit with some sort of suspension, so the more head coaching experience and name recognition we have on the bench right now, the better.

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If appeal fails, KU could be facing postseason ban, coaching suspensions, other penalties

It seems like KU's case is aimed more at other schools than at the NCAA staff themselves. They know it will be hard to beat these charges on the merits, so the hope is that university presidents at other schools are persuaded by the arguments about the implications and unintended consequences of the NCAA's approach and intervene in the process behind the scenes.

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2 O-linemen leave KU football's 2020 recruiting class

I think it means one of two things. 1) Miles realized that they needed a JUCO offensive lineman or two. 2) It has something to do with Dearmon. Maybe he's looking for a different style of lineman or maybe he's bringing in his own o-line coach.

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Mark Mangino on turning around KU football

Lol is that Buc-ee's hat?

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

Look, we needed to pause the series for a time to punish them for the leaving the conference. Do they benefit more than we do? Only if they win a few of these, and even then it's not a very big benefit. Noncon basketball just isn't that important. So why not play fun, interesting games?

Football is a different story. We should be scheduling our way to as many wins as possible, so playing them makes zero sense.

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Longtime KU basketball strength coach Andrea Hudy leaving Kansas

Yes, this restructuring should be good for the long term health of the student athletes. I think the idea is to avoid pushing players to return too quickly after a concussion, ignoring heatstroke like Durkin did at Maryland last year, etc. It makes a lot of sense that this would be a top priority for Girod given that he was a head/neck surgeon.

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Tom Keegan: Gap between KU and K-State narrowing in two sports

The KSU dynasty came a bit after Nebraska's championships. Snyder's peak was 1997-2000. I do think they were legitimately good in that stretch (they were an OT loss in the Big XII championship game away from playing for the national championship in 1998), but it's probably not a coincidence that it occurred after Osborne retired at Nebraska, Oklahoma was having one of the worst stretches in its history, Texas was in a similar position to where they are now, and KU was in the Terry Allen years. In hindsight maybe Snyder is more like the Scott Drew of football than then Nick Saban of the Big 12.

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Tom Keegan: Even No. 1 preseason ranking can't lift cloud hovering over KU basketball

Is it just me, or has this story not gotten very much traction in the national media? Yahoo has been all over this stuff, but elsewhere there have been a few stories about the trial but no follow up. Having this come out during the most sports-heavy part of the calendar (MLB playoffs, NFL, college football, NBA, NHL) was very beneficial. KU is not going to impose much of its own discipline unless there is a national outcry, and so far so good.

The NCAA is another matter. DeSousa's eligibility is a real concern. The calls and texts don't quite prove that the coaches committed any recruiting violations, but there is enough there that we probably won't get the benefit of the doubt on related situations. This whole thing also has "lack of institutional control" written all over it.

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'We good?' 'Always': Texts between Self, fixer presented in college basketball corruption trial

This could definitely be the true explanation, and even if it isn't it gives Self a plausible innocent explanation.

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Tom Keegan: David Beaty still firing away

The man is simply not head coach material. Not smart enough. Too insecure and unwilling to delegate. Too indecisive on gameday, too decisive during the week.

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