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Freshman LB James Wright leaving KU football via transfer portal

I think he was very gracious. No need to imagine that he thinks things will be handed to him anywhere. He is doing what he thinks is best for him. I wish him the best wherever he goes.

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'I wonder if I'll ever get the chance': Brian Borland's lengthy coaching journey brings him to KU football

"Asked how excited he was to be competing at this level, giving him a shot to game plan against Big 12 defenses, the question prompted Borland to take a trip down memory lane — or US-59 South — to when his career was just getting started."

I hope he at some point added, that he actually game plans against offenses, since he is a defensive coordinator...

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'Just stick together': David Beaty, KU football leaders urge non-seniors to return

The message could have been, "Hey, you have a solid chance at winning under someone who has actually heard coaching experience, and has won a national championship. He has coached at a level I still can't wrap my mind around. Your assistant coaches will probably take a step up as well. This is a place that actually has expectations now. If that's too much for you, follow me, if not, stay and see what organized football looks like."

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KU football suffers 24-17 loss in David Beaty's last game

Beaty was a good man, who struggled as a head coach. The team seemed disoriented, and unprepared at times. The countless timeouts, because information was moving too slow got tiresome. Yes the team moved forward. But each year the progress was less than expected. Player development was lacking, and indecisiveness was all too common. Too little, too late. I appreciate him being a class act, and wish him the best moving forward.

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Beaty on 2019 recruiting class: 'We don't have a whole lot to give'

He have a lot of playing time to give. There are a lot of seniors leaving. They probably want to know who they will be playing for next year, and they know it won't be him.

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Kent State football not going with a KU assistant

No Christmas miracle...

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Once de-committed Texas prep QB Clayton Tune back on board with KU

I think "Trust the process" referred to purposefully filling your team with D League players and tanking for multiple years to get a top draft pick. BTW Sam Hinkie was fired during "The Process".

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Tom Keegan: Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger explains thinking behind retaining football coach David Beaty

"It's a great time to be at KU", because there is no expectation of success. Getting 1.6 million per win... heck yeah it's a great time for him.

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Appreciative of chancellor's endorsement, Beaty says KU football in 'middle' of his plan

Live how he down plays how atrocious his team is. How we are in the "middle" of a process now. He needs 46- 50 Juniors and Seniors to make this work... The 44 that we have now are not enough to keep us from getting our doors blown off. Two more will make all the difference....

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