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Turner Gill left recruiting abyss

While the numbers are dwindling I find it beyond belief that anyone is still defending Gill at this point. He was a great person but as a FB coach he may be the worst thing to ever happen to KU FB. We still have no clue what CW will do but my guess is he won't embarrass KU on a weekly basis.

Anyone that states Gills recruits still need time to mature is either an idiot or a moron. Unless they made the field played and showed ability it is time to move on. Last year WAS THE WORST KU FOOTBALL TEAM I HAVE EVER SEEN and if you were not good enough to play on that train wreck your not good enough to help the program move on.

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Though KU football future uncertain, players deserve support in finale

I'm sick of this argument there is no reason that Gill should be given more time... If he is not fired it is because of the 6 Million KU owes him... He has no chance to succeed and all of the players on this team with the exception of about 5-10 of them have ZERO CHANCE OF SUCCEEDING AT THE DIVISION ONE LEVEL... Sorry to say it, but I refuse to suger coat it. Gill has filled this program with players that are either unable to compete or they are just to nice to compete... We need hard nosed players that are willing to knock the crap out of someone and then get up and do it agian...

I refuse to show any support for the players because they are young and not "professionals" they have made the choice to be division one football players and they are either incapable of living up to that commitment or they have chosen not to take full advantage of it.

The only way that KU will be even marginly successfull in the near future is to:
1. Fire Gill
2. Hire a proven coach - I don't care what you have to pay just do it. We have seen what the alumni and the fans are willing to do for even a marginal team. KU may take a short term loss, but will make up the money with a competitive team.
3. GUT THIS TEAM - I don't care about the preception; I don't care about the bad PR, I don't care if it hurts Jordan Webbs feelings. There are only about 5-10 players that are on this current team that should ever play another down of football at the Division One level. Every other player should just plan on being on the practice squad or transfering.

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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

It is actually divided by 8 Schools neither TCU or WVU will get any of the exit fee

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Matt Tait's KU football notebook: Keeston Terry steps up for KU

If I was a KU player I would start telling everyone who would listen that I did in fact QUIT and did so after the second game of the season... That is the only acceptable excuse for how they have played the rest of the season.

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Starters return to preserve UT shutout

Could care less if the starters went back in... Texas and every other team should have done KU a favor and never taken the starters out... I am sick of Gill saying that we can build off of scoring in the 3rd and 4th quarter when we are playing vs 3rd stringers or walk on's. There is no excuse left anyone that thinks he should have a 3rd year KNOWS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL... And quite frankly you are probably the parents who complain becasue your kids don't get enough playing time in youth league games... This is major college sports and KU fans should expect more from their football team.

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Kansas’ top 11 football prospects

KU has about 3 players who would even have a chance to start at a top 25 program so thinking there are 11 draftable players is a joke. Unless the XFL makes a come back get your passports ready and learn to sing Oh Canada EH!

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Matt Tait's KU football notebook: Coaches try to simulate halftime

Good thing that Mangino left the program with no talent when he was fired... Since all of the success is based on the 2-3 recruits that Gill has brought in.

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KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger on football program: 'We will get this thing fixed'

I'm sick of the loser talk from fans... We have never been a football school... Mangino had one good year... IF we fire Gill who would take the job... That is not the point... If you strive to be the best Gill's tenure as coach is unacceptable. Players have not progressed, the defense is a joke, and the offense is not much better. The offense only looks better compared to the abortion of last year. look at the facts KU averages 16 pts per game in the Big 12 in Gills tenure that is not acceptable in any way shape of form.

If KU wants to be a football program Sheahon needs to be on the phone right now calling BIG NAME COACHES and asking one question... HOW MUCH WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO COME TO KU? Pay a big name coach a BIG $$$ and end the abuse of KU fans now. IF KU IS WILLING to make a serious $$$ commitment to football big name coaches will listen. Personally I would start with Philip Fulmer and start the Bidding in the 3 Million... Make it hard for them to say no to you.

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Kansas thin, but fun

Fans need to be carefull what they wish for... Everyone who complained that Self needed to stop recruing One and Done players and only have 4-5 year program players is going to get their wish this year. On paper this is the least talented team since 98-99 with Bradford, Gregory, Ryan Robertson and Chenowith.

At this point anyone who is picking KU to win a conference championship has Crimson and Blue colored glasses on... All we know is that Trob has played out of his mind for short bursts while surounded by other big men, but he has also been prone to foul trouble. Tyshawn has had games where he has been unguardable, and he has had games where he has been unwatchable not to mention that his decision making on the court or off the court has cost KU. EJ looked good in a small sample size last year, and Relaford had his moments but will probably be playing out of position all season. Withey has to stay healthy which he has never done.

I am not syaing that KU can't be good this year, but I think that it will be an uphill battle. It sucks that it has to be a year where we play so many good teams early.

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Defense holds player-only talk

You have to be FREAKING KIDDING ME... I HOPE AND PRAY OU HANGS 100 ON KU SATURDAY AND GILL IS SHAMED INTO QUITING or KU has little choice but to fire him. I am tired of excuses There are none for getting embarassed everytime we step on the field in the Big12, I am tired of Gill apoligists who make excuses for him and say "Well the Offense looks better" GET A CLUE, THE OFFENSE LOOKED GOOD VS A DII SCHOOL AND NORTHERN ILL, SINCE THEN IT HAS BEEN AN EMBARASSMENT, GTECH WAS PLAYING BACKUPS, TX TECH OUTSCORED KU 45-14 AFTER A HORRIBLE FIRST QUARTER AND VS OSU WE HAD FOUR TURNOVERS IN THE FIRST HALF...


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