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Class of 2019 RB Cole Mueller decommits from KU football

Grading a coaching hire before his first season is about as useful as draft grades given to NFL teams 1 day after the draft. The existence of these things is nothing short of mind-boggling. What's worse? Folks get paid to do it!

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KU football player Pooka Williams charged with domestic battery, suspended from team

I believe that was Carlton Bragg, but that's a good point. Sometimes a scorn lady can try to hit these athletes where it will hurt the most. Let's hope for the best in this case.

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Report: FBI gives NCAA clearance to begin investigating some basketball programs in corruption scandal

Thanks for clarifying, Mike. I had wondered this myself, since his file had gone across the NCAA compliance office desk. However, I did recall listening to Kevin Keitzman while Silvio was waiting on the green light from the NCAA. Someone on that show (Keegan, perhaps?) had mentioned that part of the delay was that the NCAA compliance office had to investigate amateurism, and that this situation required more time than usual because he was an international player. Specific examples were named such as: if the player in question had ever had a reward of monetary value given for any number of tournaments that he participated in over seas. I don't know how deep this is investigated, but would it not fall under the same guidelines as "pay-for-play" amateurism violations?

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Knee injury ends Devonte' Graham's summer with Hornets

He inked his deal last week, or perhaps even early this week. 3 yr./ $4 mil. with the first 2 years guaranteed, but the optional 3rd year being the largest sum of his ballooning contract (at just south of $2 mil., iirc). He's just fine financially, and he still has 2 seasons to earn that 3rd year option, he'll make over $2 mil. guaranteed for playing the first 2 seasons.

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

Marius, I was also wondering about the Alexander situation, but if these are documents obtained from an expense report of Andy MIller, then perhaps it was just a different agent that handled Cliff.... er, his mother. Speaking of big Cliff, that situation happened in August, before he played a single game for Kansas, and no wins were vacated (presumably because he was immediately suspended by KU, once they were aware of the situation). But, if they are not aware of the situation, (Josh Jackson) how severe a punishment could they really find reasonable. Hell, for all we know, Josh himself did not know what was going on.

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Oubre named Big 12's Newcomer of the Week

Well deserved, Kelly. Keep it up.

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Column: Frank Mason influencing game, improving

No, Micky, lol, I wasn't trying to pretend that tcu is a world beater. Simply that the (potentially) weakest team in the conference is currently perfect regarding wins and losses. That's all. They've played nobody, but they did beat the mclemore led jayhawks when they were not as good as they are today, so anything can happen. Defense and rebounds, couldn't agree more. He is a nasty defender and will smother his man for 40 minutes if he doesn't take his usual 1 to 2 minute breather. I remember the 10 rebound game, he followed everyone's shots and at times I wondered if that was bills idea or his own. It's a gamble when your point goes hard to the basket for rebounds when he should be getting back on defense to prevent a runout. Masons incredible quickness probably allows him to do both. I really like mason, don't get me wrong. I watched Naadir last year vs staten, foster, smart, Taylor, and Kane while wondering "why can't kansas have a stud point guard like that?" I think bill has found a diamond in the rough with mason and I love it. Just a big sherron fan, is all. Mason leads us to 11 straight, and I'll admit he's better than sherron.

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Column: Frank Mason influencing game, improving

I'm not sure quite yet, Micky. I'll have to see what the numbers look like after the conference season is over. We've played a tough schedule for sure, but it's gonna get worse in league play, and it's not even debatable. Tcu, the doormat of big 12 basketball, is undefeated, and the entire league, top to bottom, appears to be much better than a year ago. If mason makes it through the gauntlet that is the big 12 without much decline in those numbers, I will agree with you 100%. Frank certainly has the potential to be better than sherron, he is the better athlete of the two. I'm just not ready to put the crown on him just yet. Very pleased with how well he's improving though.

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Notebook: Frank Mason turns ankle vs. Florida

No, Allison. I literally found myself holding my breath when I saw how much pain he was in. After seeing the replay, I felt a bit better. He's a tough dude. But after losing frankamp and Tharpe, we can't afford to have frank or devonte miss substantial time. Hopefully they'll go easy on him this weekend and early next week so he'll be ready for Wednesday.

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