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jjpacconi4's 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket

Wow Buddy! Your bracket is as screwed up as mine is! Louisville really screwed us both!

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Xavier seemed torn

From a teacher's standpoint I never want to see a kid leave college before they have a degree but sometimes it makes no sense to stay. I don't think he's ready but here is what I do think. Athletes injur themselves all the time, we saw it in TTU and WVU this year. What would happen if X stayed for next year and tore his knee apart in the first couple of months. How much money would he lose? I'm sure he'll miss KU, I'm sure he'll grow up too fast, and I'm sure he won't have as much fun. I am also sure however, that he will be a millioniare by this time next year and if he would injur himself he would be set for life.

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KU's Xavier Henry excelling on defense

I have no doubt in this world that TT is a gifted basketball player but in my opinion you have to be so much more to be a Jayhawk. Before TT came to the Jayhawks how many brawls with the football team had we been in? How many times had a player posted on Facebook any kind of remark about his team? My view of TT is that he thinks his sh** don't stink. Every time he is taken out of the game he has a myriad of excuses as to why he did what he did. I look at someone like Xavier and compare the attitude and it is night and day. I would like to agree with you on the immaturity comments but Xavier is younger, more talented, and to my knowledge has never once given any kind of attitude towards constructive criticism. If TT is going to remain on the Jayhawks and be a productive useful part of this team he really needs to level with himself. He is extremely talented but he also has a long way to go. HCBS will get him where he needs to be if he would only get his ego get out of the way.

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With the team

I find it hard to believe that it has taken 8 years for all of this to come to fruition. What I see is that we have had a bad season after a couple of good ones so now Mangino is a bad person. Don't get me wrong, if Mangino has assaulted a player I would be the first person to wave good bye. However, if the only thing Mangino is guilty of is yelling and poking with a finger I think people need to let it go. Walk into any locker room anywhere in the world at half time when a team is playing poorly and you will find the same thing. Mangino was hired to get the job done. For the most part he has done that. We have a football team that people talk about and not just in the punch line of a joke. Until they have found decisive proof I think people should call this for what it is.....a witch hunt. Shame on Lew Perkins and shame on the University of Kansas for letting this happen.

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Former colleagues come to KU coach Mangino’s defense

What I find funny about everyone dissing Mangino is that there is no actual evidence at the moment other than someone's momma going to Lew Perkins. I have not heard any of you complaining over the last eight years until now. We had a horrible, embarassing, and somewhat disgraceful football team and Mangino changed that. You can call him fat, a hillbilly, and or a racist but the fact remains that he is a wonderful football coach.

What is sad to me is that we have now become like every other good football program in the country. At the first sign of a bad moment we fire our coach. We have become Nebraska and Notre Dame over night.

In the end if actual evidence does come out and there were lines crossed than Mangino deserves to be fired. However, no matter how you look at it we have treated a wonderful coach with a whole lot of disrespect. Lew Perkins has done a really terrible thing.

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The doctors are in (Spodcasters)

It sounds to me like 86finalfour is living in the past. Bill Self is an amazing coach and has managed to achieve a higher winning percentage than the great Roy in the first four years. I know that Bill Self has a long time before he can be compared to Roy or Dean or Night but is doing just fine. Also, I am not sure what KU team he/she has been watching but our impressive wins against TX last year (all of them) were pretty crucial not to mention the FL game.

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