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Andrew White to transfer from KU

AWIII seemed like a great kid. It seemed to me that often when he was inserted into a game, he wasn't given much time to do anything before he would be back out. I wonder about the ego that some of these kids must have to realize that if you are not an absolute OAD blue-chipper maybe you should think twice about coming to KU. You may not play much. I loved the fact that Travis R. stuck around and how that payed off for our program.

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Unleashed energy: Sub Jamari Traylor's double-double pushes Kansas to next round

Just click the 'I don't own one' or "I've never heard of it' choice and move on.

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Failed plan: KU's conservative offense not good enough in 27-17 loss to TCU

From my view in the stands (no way there were actually 41,000+ in the stands on a very humid day): The OL was worthless on running plays. Sims earned every inch on his own. Last year we had a veteran, consistent line and a great running game. This year, we are switching the line around, and the backs have no holes on plays. Heaps was sacked, yes, but except for the pass to Tuzilli and the TD to Mundine, he consistently threw behind or beyond his receivers (not counting the 2yd completions to backs). Those worthless completions I place to the playcalling. Very tame. Late in the game, KU went for their only 4th down conversion: 1 yd for a 1st, and they run it into the middle. With the lack of success we were having doing that, we could have used a 2yd pass completion at that point - heck, a 2yd anything. I thought our defense did a good job, although you could see that TCU OL was trapping and sealing blocks to open holes that often got good gains. I think our d has improved a lot. OL is down, and I don't think Heaps is much of an improvement over Crist, except that he is smart enough to eat the ball instead of throwing INTs. I haven't given up yet, but I'm disappointed in our OL bigtime from the way things were talked about pre-season.

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Paul Pierce making noise in New York

They might 'wonder' why they are at the game if they were to 'wander' into the game.

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Teammates sing QB Jake Heaps’ praises

My comment about last year's o-line: I thought it was improved. I thought Crist had more protection and time than the previous couple of yars. Crist just couldn't hit the receivers and they couldn't get open for very long.

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Hero’s welcome: KU track title, turnout exceed expectations

Next up: a 2014 Calendar !! Congratulations, Lady Hawks.

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Kansas coach Bill Self, left, and his wife, Cindy, second from right, head into Abe and Jake's Landi

Wow ! I guess I've never seen Cindy Self before. She's as hot as the Hawks in the Big 12 Conference final game.

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Kansas University's women's track team celebrates after winning the NCAA Outdoor track and field cha

Great job ladies. This is as good or better than a B-Ball championship for our school. We expect the latter; This is over the top.

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Kansas’ Maggie Hull gets All-America nod

Congratulations, Maggie. It is a shame that your accomplishment doesn't get anywhere near the interest that a football player stubbing his toe or a basketball player dribbling - with or without a ball - gets.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins to announce on Tuesday

If Roy signs "Wiggens" , is he gonna be mad when he realizes his mistake!!

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