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Donors to get reserved seats at Late Night

Where is John Brown when you need him? Free Late Night. Free the students, free the temptation to charge admission, and free the prime-time slot. It's emancipation time to get us back to the "Late Night with Larry Brown" type of variety show and practice. I like the "Late Night in the Phog" title, but let's put it back to midnight, and let the students have a safe and late activity to be a part of. I think we went the wrong way with it in trying to make it available for the masses and moved it from midnight. And keep it free for all: F - R - E - E, that spells "free"... Donors, see you in line at 11pm to rub shoulders with the students to keep continuity and perspective! Rock chalk, and Free Late Night!

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Ex-Jayhawk Peters cleared to play for Arizona

So, does he get to be called an "ex-Jayhawk" if he never laced 'em up on gameday? Just a thot. Might need to change this article title.

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Ex-Jayhawk Peters cleared to play for Arizona

Just thinking out loud, but i would pay and extra 10 schmoles if we could get them made here in the good ol' USA, made by adults earning a fair wage. I did like the adiZeros and the blue socks better than anything Nike I saw last year. And those Nike jerseys last year, they looked like the guys were sweating out there the whole game, with that ghosted-type design under the numbers. eech.

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Opinion: Charlie Weis too ambitious in trying to balance coaching, coordinating

Hilarious! I wish we could've been all over them like ... good one tundra. And i thot they looked good also. without checking, did we at least keep the penalties down?

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KU's Sims eager for shot at Rice after sitting out loss

We have got to show some discipline. That will make the mind continue to believe that we can. That and some swag like others have stated. I'd be for some big-time B12 hitting. "Man, them guys from Kansas can crack some pads". Do it.

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Ex-Jayhawk Newton achieves goal of becoming NBA GM

Milehigh, that move has become legendary in my mind, as the way I recall it is that he did that "up and under" while he was floating across the lane. I still tell my brother that his feet never touched the paint! The Milt-O-Meter was totally pegged out after that play! Dude had serious hang time, making him one of my all-time faves also.

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Sharing the load: Jayhawks' stable of backs successful in 31-14 win over South Dakota

So, how much is First Game Jitters, and how much is really lack of discipline? I didn't get to watch, but feel from reading that the whole smorgasbord of dropped balls, dumb penalties, etc, makes me wonder. I know we need to learn each other as a unit, and as we do that we will get better. Last thought for those of you who did watch, can Heaps scramble? Sounds like he will need to this year.

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Report: T-Rob t-raded

I agree with nu - I spent 15+ there and one of the best things about H-town? The A/C. But, yes, the bugs are also "texas-sized", and if you've seen the roaches, you know what I mean - big enough to ride. Plus, two words: fire ants. What is that all about. C'mon, man. I did dig it there, but was also glad to break back into the midwest.

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KU extends deal with adidas through 2019

Shoes aside for a minute, why does Nike insist on those "sweat-stain tatooed" bball jerseys? Those things are awful, and I have not changed position on that. Hopefully they come up with something new. When the game starts, the Nike teams already look like their jerseys are soaked, particularly in the back. It was then that i always was glad our unies had a clean look, at least from the tipoff. So, back to the shoes, I still think the adizero line is pretty fresh.

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KU extends deal with adidas through 2019

I agree, I loved the vintage '88 throwbacks, and wish they would go back to that for the regular season, but I know the trajan font wouldn't allow it. I am a bit old-school also about that font. I like everything else about the unis, fit, design, etc, but am still enduring the font. Don't hate it, but just don't totally love it either. Btw, if you put some pop (i mean big hitters on D) in those vintage powder blue football jerseys, that would be sweet also, visa-vie the shot of the old Jbird team thundering downfield in that Ernie Davis movie ...

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