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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

agreed, it's too soon to be shoving HCCW out the door. I think that once we get some more guys involved with time in HCCW's program, that the results will start to change for the better. That being said, I do think that HCCW shoots the team in the foot every game when he begins to change what's working. The team doesn't have the swagger yet to take a few hits and bounce back, he's got to change that or give play calls to another coach

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Former KU guard Rio Adams transfers to Ohio

+ 1 Haiku! Obviously no one watches the MAC, it's a good conference it just doesn't get any real coverage or love. Putting down Ohio for being in the MAC, is like saying Dayton's just "a" Ohio school, because you don't know that the A10 is a really good/fun basketball conference. Good for you Rio, Athens is amazing and I hope that you have a great experience there!

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Ben McLemore on if it was his last college game: 'At this point, I really don't know'

did you sell your soul to the basketball God's for such amazing insight or are you really HCBS? :) always enjoy reading your blogs bate, they help us that just love the game, but don't have a great understanding of it.

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

I was so glad to get that win last night, but that's ISU's HC boy crying, I don't think exploiting that is cool. We'd all be upset if someone put HCBS kid on a blog crying because we lost a big game.

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Life of the party: Jeff Withey's blocks highlight KU's win over OU

the main picture of Withey with his arm stretched out, should be crossed over with the likeness of Curry's John Brown. That pic, with Brown's beard and eyes on Withey would be amazing

Great poster above

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Ex-KU football player Elvis Patterson arrested on drunken driving charge for second time

+ 1, thanks for the intriguing article LJW. Nothing beats the old feel good KU football story, that feels more appropriate if it were 1983 not 2013

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All-star showing boosts Dayne Crist’s stock

Congrats Dayne! I think you can play at the next level for the right team and hope that you do. Thanks for your time here, best wishes

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