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What caught my eye at Wednesday's practice, complete with a mini-reaction to the recent KU-UDK showdown

I would say 99% of students only use it for the crossword puzzle... and to call most of what they print "news" is a disgrace to journalist everywhere.

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What caught my eye at Wednesday's practice, complete with a mini-reaction to the recent KU-UDK showdown

KU might have a decent Journalism School but I haven't seen this kind of crap in 6 years of being a student, note Architectural Engineering (5 year program)... not dumb. When KU football was 9-0,10-0,11-0, I saw a front page spreads saying how great it was. Because the students WANTED to see that covered so in-depth. I am all for letting journalists do their jobs but there is no student, that actually likes KU, that WANTED to see this headline. I know the NY Times typical rhetoric of "All the news thats fit to print," but that doesn't have to mean completely BASHING our own football team. The players that go out there and try their hardest all week, despite being beaten pretty much every Saturday in front of 20,000 people in their own stadium.

In the instance that our basketball team had this bad of a start do you think that the UDK would run a bashing headline and graphic about them? IF they did would Bill Self's probably similar reaction to the bashing of his team would be welcomed with open arms by KU faithful and the student-journalist would be delegated to running down the Sudoku and Crossword puzzle everyday.

Finally, the UDK needs to realize its place and stay there. I would say 90% of the students skim the headlines, read the Free For All, and do the crossword/sudoku. Once basketball season arrives the UDK's main purpose is confetti to be thrown during the KU payer intros. If someone were to actually read any articles they would come to the conclusion that the whole thing should be labeled "Opinion" since that is all that is in there. Claiming that they had to put that disgraceful graphic on the front page because of their "Journalistic Duties" but the Presidential debate gets roughly 1/8th of a page the day after it happened. Is that not news thats fit to print?

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Son Tyler Self saw success coming

Taylors comments bring a tear to my eye...

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Tyshawn Taylor, Thomas Robinson and Elijah Johnson (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

lol, "those 2 fouls he had wasn't fouls" T-Rob... love it

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Contracts, extensions may put new KU athletic director in tough spot

First off, professors make money for the school. Tuition is what really brings money in to the school, not athletics. second Bill Self is the only coach still on staff that has won anything or made the school any money at all. Softball was the least of our worries, at least they won some games. Why in the world is the WBball coach being paid this much?? for comparison, the A&M coach got paid $800,000 last year. thats a half mil LESS than our coach. He won a national title and Bonnie didn't make the NCAA tournament. I am not in favor of a slash and burn approach to this but something must be done. Going 1-13 vs. KSU in a season is ridiculous and I'm tired of hearing about it from stater associates.

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What is the farthest you have traveled to attend a sporting event?

London, England to Wembley Stadium for England vs. Brazil in the first game in the new Wembley Stadium.

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KU men's basketball looking to snap Missouri’s home streak

also, national title @ misery?? get real anderson

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Brady Morningstar recalls Antlers before Border War

I have the t-shirt from the nebraska win at home, but mainly because we scored 11 td's on them, most ever... the dvd sales is a joke. and its not the first time. they did it in 08 when they beat us too... hopefully the team remembers that and kicks their a$$ come little tourney time

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